Sangita Ghosh reacts to viral Swaran Ghar dupatta scene, slams Kamya Panjabi’s criticism

The logic-defying scene from Swaran Ghar went viral on the internet. The scene that featured Sangita Ghosh is being widely criticized. Hence, the actress shared a statement on social media, saying that the team has already realized where they went wrong. On the other hand, Sangita also clapped back at Kamya Punjabi, who recently shared her point of view on the matter.


The video that went viral, shows Swaran Bedi (Sangita) throwing her dupatta across her shoulders which accidentally gets stuck in between the pedestal fan. The video made netizens question the logic behind it. After much criticism, Sangita has now addressed the matter. She took to Instagram to share a note and talked about how as actors ‘they don’t have last words.’

“I take everything with a pinch of salt and did the same with this video. I think when your audience gives you so much love and appreciation, they also have the right to criticize. I told everyone on the set that at least hum viral hogaye (we went viral) .We do make mistakes in life and shows. One has to move on / eventually the intention and the execution did not come out the way it was planned. The team has already realized where they went wrong. And as actors , we do not have the last word but I think everyone will be careful next time (sic), ”read the note.

It further said, “The show is a progressive one and has been lauded for its content. Yes, we faltered but that doesn’t mean we are not doing good work. Television has been instrumental in le taking up so many sensitive topics. I , myself, have done some amazing work (sic). ”

Take a look at the viral video:


While the internet is going crazy over Swaran Ghar’s viral scene, Kamya Punjabi pointed out why the content on TV was looked down upon. Taking to her Twitter, the actress reasoned that such content on TV is why television hasn’t found a place equal to that of movies and web shows. Along with the viral video, Kamya wrote, “This is precisely why despite having some brilliant actors TV content looked down upon, compared to Films and web (sic).”

In response, Sangita shared a screenshot of a news article that talked about Kamya’s tweet and wrote, “What a shame the person who works in the industry himself is saying such a thing. The one who works for TV considers TV less than OTT and films, what should I say (sic)? ”


The video features the lead characters of the show Swaran (played by Sangita Ghosh) and Ajit Lamba (played by Ajay Chaudhary). Swaran threw her dupatta across her shoulders but it accidentally got stuck in between the pedestal fan in motion. The dupatta began to choke her as the noose tightened and her life was at stake. Everyone tried hard to help her, but neither could anyone stop the fan nor could they help her remove the piece of cloth from her neck. She continues struggling though. Then, the hero of the moment, Ajit bites off the dupatta to help Swaran escape.


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