Sacred Games actress Kubbre Sait’s confession from her teenage days will leave you shocked

Kubbra Sait revealed that he was sexually abused as a teenager

Kubbra Sait revealed that he was sexually abused as a teenager


  • Kubbra Sait talked about sexual abuse in her new book
  • The book is entitled Open Book: Not exactly a memoir
  • Kubbra revealed that her mother only recently apologized for the abuse she suffered
Actress of the Holy Games Kubbra Sait, in her new book Open book: Not really a Memoir made a shocking claim that a family friend sexually abused him as a teenager. In her book, the actress wrote about the abuse she suffered in her youth in order to protect her family from financial troubles, admitting that it was only years later that she managed to tell her mother what she suffered.
Kubbra revealed that her mother only recently apologized and that the abuse lasted for two and a half years by a family friend whom she calls X in her new book. The actress told when he first abused her and how she realized she was losing her virginity and what it traumatized her.

According to an excerpt from a book in the TOI, the actress was only seventeen when she was “involved in the greatest tragedy” when she first met a man who soon grew into a family friend and confidant – and later an abuser.

While they originally became close when the Sait family would go to his restaurant for meals, and soon the actress’ mother confided her financial problems to him. “Once, while she was talking to him about her financial problems, she cried. He held his mother’s hand and kindly said, ‘Mamadi main hain na? Fikar mat karo [Mamadi, I’m here, am I not? Don’t worry.]. ‘ And just like that, he gave her a bundle wrapped in a newspaper in which there was enough money to get us out of trouble, “the passage reads.

“When Mom sighed at the cash delay, I sighed. Just then, my hand slipped into the back seat of the car I was sitting in and pushed my dress. X, who was no longer my uncle, smiled as she rubbed me on the thigh. At that moment I was numb, “the actress wrote, adding:” He started coming to our home and his mom would laugh and cook for him. In front of her he would kiss me on the cheek and say, ‘Oh my Kubrati , you are my favorite little one. “Although I was uncomfortable, I kept quiet.”

Kubbra further explained that she was sexually abused for the first time, writing that a man ‘X’ took her to her hotel where he stroked her face before kissing her lips. She was shocked and confused. The kiss grew. He convinced me that was what I wanted, that I would be better. He repeated it until I turned a deaf ear, and then he unbuttoned his pants. I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on, but I remember thinking, I’m losing innocence. It was a great thing, but it was also my shameful secret. “

The actress expressed the opinion that X “grew like a virus” in their home and in the two and a half years he sexually abused her, he even kidnapped another child and all the while convinced the young actress that he loved her and whether she told her families to destroy them.

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