Royal fans react to Queen’s new hairstyle, after close adviser Angela Kelly shared the details behind her look

After being concealed for almost two weeks, c The queen she was pictured being decorated with the Canterbury Cross by the Archbishop of Canterbury, while at her home in Windsor Castle.

But it was Her Majesty’s hairstyle that sparked conversations among royal fans, after photos of the exchange were posted on The royal familyofficial Instagram account.

The pictures show the 96-year-old monarch with freshly trimmed silver strands on the sides and back, and despite wearing a bright floral dress, her new hair dominated the conversation.

One fan wrote: ‘Ohh … she was hairy’, while another commented: ‘She changed her hairstyle, she’s so cute.’

Another remarked, ‘Has Her Majesty cut her hair?’ which another fan repeated when he wrote, ‘Oh, I see her new hairstyle, it’s shorter than usual.’

Fans of the Queen of Hairstyles are reacting

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As for what led to the Queen changing her hairstyle, it could be related to her proven stylist, Angela Kelly, who previously said she was tasked with cutting Her Majesty’s hair during isolation.

The Queen’s new hairstyle comes after news surfaced that Kelly, who had spent most of her isolation with the monarch and Prince Philip at Windsor Castle, is behind the revealing revised edition of the book The other side of the coin: the queen, the dresser and the closet.

It is believed that the Queen herself will approve it, supposedly she will discover how the queen behaved during the pandemic and after the death of the Duke of Edinburghand includes carefree details about working on the royal image.

At the time of learning of the revised book, it was announced that she would explicitly reveal that Kelly, who lives in the Windsor Castle circle, was invited to cut the Queen’s hair when usual. protocol it was not possible.

Fans of the Queen of Hairstyles are reacting

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Katya Shipster, director of Harper Non-Fiction Publishing, said: ‘It tells the story of the royal balloon, as well as how far Angela and the royal household went to ensure the monarch’s safety.

In addition, the book will reportedly share behind-the-scenes tricks used to dress the monarch with the longest reign, such as additional lining to mitigate the impact of pearls and crystals on the queen’s back for events that require extravagant dresses.

She is also expected to point out that Kelly often had to wear the monarch’s handmade shoes to ensure they were broken into.

Kelly said in a rare interview with 2007 The Telegraph: ‘I don’t know why it seems to me that the Queen is in my favor – because it’s not easy for her!

Fans of the Queen of Hairstyles are reacting

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‘I think she appreciates my opinion, but she’s the one in control. She always makes the final decision. ‘

She added: ‘We are two typical women. We talk about clothes, makeup, jewelry.

‘We say,’ Would this piece of jewelry look nice with that outfit? ‘, And things like that.’

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