‘RHODubai’ fans criticize Caroline Stanbury for ‘lying’ to Les Milan that she missed her show

Nina Ali, together with her husband Munaf, is organizing an extravagant six-figure party for her business partner and friend Bijan. Nina invited all the housewives to the party. Best friends Lesa Milan and Chanel Ayan are coming to the party together. After a few moments, Caroline Stanbury enters the party and it is the first time she sees Ayan after their chaotic quarrel over dinner in the premiere episode. Lesa, who hosted her fashion event last week, was disappointed when Stanbury did not attend her event. Earlier in the episode, Stanbury on the cover with Sarah Al Madani reveals that she doesn’t like being in a toxic environment with Chanel Ayan or Les. Although he loves Lesa, Stanbury does not want to hang out with her because of her friendship with Ayan.

During the party, Stanbury apologizes to Lesya for not attending her party and mentions that she was busy with wedding plans. However, Lesa knows that she is lying and asks her how it was that she was free for Nina’s party. Lesa says she is aware that Stanbury did not attend her event due to problems with Ayan. Lesa asks Stanbury not to treat her differently just because she is close to Ayan. This leads to an argument in which Caroline mocks Lesa for always supporting Ayan which later leads to another big argument.


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Twitter was not impressed with Stanbury’s lies and attitude towards Lesya. One fan tweeted, “Caroline, why are we lying to Lesa’s face ???? #RHODubai.” “Missing Lesa’s show is just dirty, and lying about it is even worse. Caroline shouldn’t be proud of it. #RHODubai,” she tweeted. Another fan tweeted “Caroline, you just told Sarah you like Lesa and you didn’t show up bc of Ayan, and now you say you have no connection with Lesa. Hi girl #wwhl #RHODubai.” “What I’m not going to do is tolerate Caroline picking up my little girl Lesa. An adult knows you can be friends with two people who may disagree. And an adult wouldn’t want you to choose a side … #RHODubai,” he remarked. fan. ”I’m glad Lesa called out Caroline for a shitty excuse to plan a wedding because she didn’t attend her fashion show. So you could have come to Nina’s party, but not to Lesina’s? That is a very obvious lie. #RHODubai, “the fan pointed out. The tweet read” Caroline S: I’m so sorry I really wanted to be with you Lesa: Are you #RHODubai. “

‘The Real Housewives of Dubai’ is broadcast every Wednesday at 21:00 on Bravo, and is also available for streaming on Peacock.

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