Rejected love from Amber Island leaves Twitter after a cruel trolling

Family and friends of LOVE Island star Amber Beckford have disabled her Twitter account due to the grounds of troll abuse.

The spectators watched Amber threw herself from the villa last night with Ikenna, after being declared the least popular contestants.

Amber Beckford is the target of trolls on social media


Amber Beckford is the target of trolls on social mediaCredit: Eroteme
Amber was one of the original girls


Amber was one of the original girlsCredit: Rex

Although most of the messages directed at Amber on social media after that were positive, the minority caused deep unrest.

This prompted Amber’s sister Haylie, friends Hannah and Taz and the Beckford family to issue a statement urging viewers to be kind.

It read, “Hey everyone, Amber’s time at the villa is coming to an end. We’ve received some nice comments and messages and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“However, most of you are probably aware of some disgusting tweets, messages and posts written about Amber. Like Amber’s family and friends, this was extremely difficult to see and sometimes painful.

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“We didn’t want to publish something like this, but keep in mind that harassment in one episode of a one-hour television show is harmful.

“Abuse and negative comments can be extremely harmful to one’s mental health, and sometimes in worse cases they can be fatal.

“We will not advocate for harassment and harassment.”

Explaining that they are taking steps to protect Amber upon her arrival home, they continued: “For this reason, unfortunately, we decided to deactivate Amber’s twitter before her arrival home to protect her mental well-being.

“This is a decision made by Amber’s close friends and family because it was exceptional for her family and friends to see, and we still want this to be an exciting time for Amber, not a negative one.

“We would like to thank everyone once again for part of the love and those who supported Amber on her journey. We wish Amber’s new friends good luck in the villa and we will continue to support them, don’t forget to be kind to them; we are just people.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself.”

The departure of Amber and Ikenne paved the way for their friends Dami and Indiyaha to get together, delighting the audience.

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Without embarrassing conversations, Dami and Indiyaha’s relationship flourished at warp speed, and the couple shared a few passionate snows last night.

This led to Ikenna joking on Twitter that his “corpse was not even cold yet”.

Amber's friends and family released this statement last night


Amber’s friends and family released this statement last nightCredit: Instagram

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