Recorded statements of Kavya Madhavan’s mother, Dileep’s sister

Kochi: Statements by Kavya Madhavan’s mother Shyamale Madhavan and Dileep’s sister Sabithe were recorded by crime department officials as part of an investigation into the 2017 attack on the actor on Wednesday.

Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan claimed she did not use the phone number from which calls were allegedly made to director Balachandrakumar.

The Crime Department stated in the High Court that this information was false. The SIM card in question is registered in the name of Kavy’s mother Shyamala. The investigation team sought an explanation for this.

The forensic department is seeking permission to forensically examine the memory card

The Kerala High Court ordered the prosecution to explain the purpose of the guilty plea, requesting that the memory card, key evidence in the case of the attack on the actor from 2017, be sent for forensic examination. HC postponed the hearing on the petition, filed by the Crime Department, to Monday.

The court on Wednesday asked to find out how important it is to change the hash value of a memory card. “If a document submitted to the court is unauthorized, will the accused benefit from it? The court has jurisdiction over the submitted document “, it is stated.

Judge Bechu Kurian also asked orally why the prosecution did not want to allow the accused to be named in the petition.

The request of the Criminal Department and the petition of the surviving actress have the same position on this issue. “We have to get separate opinions on this issue. The court should have a clear picture “, states the HC. The court said that Dileep can file submissions, if permission is requested to be included in the guilty plea.

The request was filed against the order of the first instance court, which rejected the request to send the memory card for expertise. The forensic department requested forensic expertise to investigate a change in the hash value that indicates illegal access to a memory card under judicial supervision.

The surviving actress also pleaded guilty, saying the government is undergoing further investigation into the case. She also sought an investigation under the supervision of the High Court. The court said both requests would be considered jointly. Earlier, dr. Judge Kauser Edappagath excluded from the hearing the petition.

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