Rebel Wilson and the girl share cute holiday photos from Italy

Rebel Wilson recently went public with girlfriend Ramon Agrum with the couple going to Instagram over the weekend to share some cute shots from their trip to Sardinia, Italy.

in one moment, a couple walks hand in hand with Rebel in a yellow and white patterned midi dress, while Ramona chose a black Prada coat with a white hem and black pants.

Rebel Wilson and her girlfriend Ramon Citrus in Italy

Rebel Wilson and her girlfriend Ramona Agruma shared some cute holiday photos from their trip to Italy. Photo: Instagram / Rebel Wilson

“Ciao bellas,” Rebel wrote the video, and her companions love the video.


“I’m happy for you, love,” Paris Hilton commented on the photo, while many others commented on the love heart emojis.

“I love everything in this photo – it’s in Italy, giant cobblestones, olives 🌳, Julia’s balcony, colors, shoes, sandals, bag, suit, dress, reference to ‘Bellas’, but my favorite piece is smiles!” wrote one companion.

Ramona Citrus, Rebel Wilson and a friend

In the second photo, the couple posed with a friend on board. Photo: Instagram / Ramona Citrus

Rebel Wilson

While on board, Rebel also shared this footage. Photo: Instagram / Rebel Wilson

“This photo brings so much joy !!!” added another.

“This is wonderful !! You deserve nothing but the best,” said the third.

“I’m glad to know you’re happy,” the fourth wrote.

Rebel and Ramona posed with friends in other photos, and in the other, the actress posed in a peach-colored bikini with a matching jacket.

Rebel receives an apology from SMH

Ramona Citrus and Rebel Wilson

Rebel recently shared a photo of herself and Ramona, revealing that they are together. Photo: Instagram / Rebel Wilson

It comes later Sydney Morning Herald Journalist Andrew Hornery revealed that he planned to break off Rebel’s relationship with Ramon, complaining that he was “crazy” when the actress herself shared the news on Instagram earlier this month.

The editorial note tried to justify the newspaper’s actions without an apology, however, the journalist nevertheless apologized in a column for his ‘mistakes’.

Under the headline ‘I made mistakes in relation to Rebel Wilson, and I will learn from them’, Andrew writes that he has learned some ‘new and difficult lessons’.

“I am sincerely sorry that Rebel found this difficult. That was never my intention. But I see that she endured it all with great grace, “he wrote for SMH.

“As a gay man, I am well aware of how deeply discriminated against discrimination hurts. The last thing I ever want is to inflict that pain on someone else. ”

Rebel Wilson with friends and girlfriend Ramon Agrum

Rebel posted photos of herself and Ramona for months before revealing they were having fun. Photo: Instagram / Rebel Wilson

She explains that the star posted her photos with Ramon on her Instagram account for months and ‘assumed’ that she might be ready to talk about her new relationship.

He admits that the publication ‘wronged’ their approach, and although he gave the star a deadline to respond to his inquiry, this should not have been seen as a ‘threat’.

“It’s not the Herald’s job to‘ kick out ’people and that’s not what we intended to do. But I understand why my email was seen as a threat. Framing was a mistake, “he wrote.

SMH has now deleted Andrew’s original column and replaced it with his ‘apology’.

Rebel broke the silence on the matter after the original column was published, she wrote on Twitter: “Thanks for your comments, it was a very difficult situation, but I try to deal with it with grace.”

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