Quilted sarees are a help for moms struggling with ideas for children’s modern dresses

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You can choose traditional and modern sewn sarees for your girls online.

Are you a young mother with small children at home? Have you spent hours thinking of creative ideas to dress your little girl for every Republic Day, Independence Day, or for a fancy dress competition at their school? Have you freaked out at local markets looking for cheap options for sewn sarees or dhoti-kurta for your kids? We are sure that this can be a real concern for young parents.

Don’t worry, because Amazon has more options for such sarees than you can imagine. Well, such items are listed on the internet platform as well. So now is your chance to better plan and impress your girl’s school judges or RWA Holly Milan organizers with this neat Maharashtra sari (worn in dhoti style) or Bengali Laal Paad saree (worn without creases).

Your little girl can now dance Pingu (Baajirao Mastani) or Dola Dola Re (Devdas), looking like small versions of Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai or Madhuri Dixit in these two popular songs from Hindi film.

In case we’ve convinced you to explore an e-commerce platform, here are a few options to your advantage.

1) Kerala sari for children 6-7 years


Kasavu cotton sari for girls with a piece of blouse (children’s saree6-7_off white)



1,300 th most common

Do you remember Alija Bhatt wearing Kasawa Pattu (Kerala saree) in the song sequence in the movie 2 States? A beautiful white / cream silk / cotton sari with a gold edge is a distinctive weave from Kerala. Now you too can get one of these for your little girl. It is available in cotton and comes with an elastic band that makes it easier to wear. It also comes with a blouse. Can be washed by hand.

2) IndiaDressWala Readymade Silk Lavni Maharashtrian Costume

Maharashtra has a strong tradition of wearing saris in the dhoti style. We’ve often seen Bollywood actresses play them in song sequences. Both Priyanka and Deepika wore them to Bajirao Mastana and shook the look. Now you can do the same and choose one for your daughter. This stitched Lavani-dance style (Lavani is a traditional dance from the country) comes with a blouse. It must be dry cleaned.

3) Savi & Dev Readymade Girls Silk Bengali White Saree with red edge

Saree, in many parts of India, is worn without creases. Bengal is no different. You must have seen married Bengals wearing a Laal Paad Saree (red border in a plain white sari) during Durga Puja. Well, now you can get one for your daughter from Amazon. It is available in several sizes, starting from 3-4 years until 11 –12 years. This quilted saree comes with a blouse with a white lining. It only needs to be dry cleaned.

4) Bhartiya Paridhan girls ready to wear quilted 6 yards Aboli red saree with quilted blouse

There are also options for saree in plain style. Check out this ready-made quilted saree with a sewn-on blouse. This set can only be cleaned dry.

5) WESTRO CULTURE Readymade quilted Saree lycra blend for girls


WESTRO CULTURE Readymade Quilted Saree Lycra Blend for Girls (Navy)


1,299 th most common

5,999 th most common

Tired of traditional saris? Then take a look at this trendy saree saree for girls sewn with a mixture of lycra. Available in three other colors – Navy, Chickoo and Firozi (shade of blue), this saree has sequins on the blouse and ruffles and fringe as the edge of the saree. This saree only dry clean.

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