Queen ‘saving’ loose ends in Firm as ‘biggest problem’ with Camilla – ‘Shows character’ | Royal | News

The 96-year-old monarch, who has offered his service and dedication to his duties for 70 years, is said to be preparing the Firm for her son and heir to become king. In order for the succession to proceed smoothly, it is claimed that the queen takes care of the “loose ends” in her family.

Prince Charles has already stepped forward to represent the monarchy on several occasions when the Queen had to retire due to her poor health.

Such an opportunity was the state opening of the parliament in May, which was opened by the Prince of Wales and Prince William, who is second in line for the throne.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton, who recently published an insightful biography of Queen Elizabeth II, described in detail the monarch’s exact plans as she enters the final years of her historical reign.

Speaking of the royal podcast for the Mirror, Under Save the Queen, he said: “The Queen is a very tidy person and even as a little girl she kept her shoes all neatly arranged and woke up at night and made sure everything was in order. there are tidiness in her character.

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“And you see a lot of tidying up happening a minute before the end of the reign. The biggest issue that needed to be sorted out was Camilla and how she will be mentioned in the future.

“The queen was gradually buying [Camilla’s] status ever higher. A few years ago, she put it in the Secret Council so she could be there when the succession was announced.

“Then she became a member of the Garter Order and eventually said she would love for Camilla to be called the Queen of Wives.

“It kind of ended the debate, because when Prince Charles first married Camille, the music was that she would never be called queen, and in a few years they withdrew very quickly.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall are currently in Rwanda at a meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Government. Charles represents the Queen, Chief of the Commonwealth, at a global summit.

There, the Prince of Wales attended a series of engagements, while Camilla is expected to give a keynote address at an event on violence against women and girls held in Rwanda ahead of the Commonwealth leaders ’summit.

Speaking about the upcoming transition with the succession of Prince Charles to the throne, the author said: “This will be the smoothest transition in history, at least since Queen Victoria and Edward VII.

“The Queen has asked Prince Charles to be the head of the Commonwealth, there have been knightly vocations for those involved in the transition, there is a book on what to do when she dies and continues.”

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