Queen Elizabeth keeps Prince Andrew by her side because he is very loyal, says author Diane Andrew Morton

The Queen constant obvious support for Prince Andrew is one of the confusing features of royal life in 2022.

Despite the fact that he is paid the reported $ 14 million to solve a sexual abuse case initiated by Virginia Giuffrea victim of Jeffrey Epstein, the Queen sought to involve Andrew in high-profile royal events, even though he was deprived of the honorary title of HRH and obliged to renounce his charitable patronage and the status of the “working royal family.”

In March, the Queen was widely criticized when she was let her disgraced son accompany her to her place of worship in memory of her late husband, and she was willing to allow him to attend a high-profile platinum jubilee event in early June until fate, in the form of a positive COVID infection, intervened.

Now, the royal writer Andrew Morton, who famously collaborated in secret with Princess Diana on the creation of perhaps the most poignant royal book of all time, Diana: Her true storyshe devised a possible answer for her constant affection for the Duke of Shame.

Morton said British newspaper the Mirror’s royal podcast, Under Save the Queen, that Andrew, who is presumed to continue to visit his mother on a daily basis, was kept in the inner circle because he was “intensely loyal” to her.

Morton told the show: “Prince Andrew has always been absolutely loyal to his mother. He would never hear a word against her, he was always very loyal.

“And she admired the fact that during the 1982 Falklands War he was the bait of Exocet, which means his job was to protect HMS Invincible [the aircraft carrier]because the Argentines wanted to drown it.

“He was essentially a duck sitting there as a victim – but as a helicopter pilot, he played a huge role in making sure the missiles exploded safely following the plan.

“It took a lot of courage to do that, and she appreciated it because the conflict cost a lot of blood and treasure for Great Britain. The Argentines had in mind that Andrew was their main target, so he showed a lot of courage in that period. “

Morton also spoke of Andrew’s role in coordinating the human chain of workers and volunteers who emptied Windsor Castle of its celebrated art collection within minutes of the devastating 1992 fire, without which art could otherwise have been destroyed.

Morton said of the incident: “She also liked the fact that he organized the takeover of works of art during the famous Windsor Castle fire in 1992.

“This is how he showed initiative, but also loyalty to the queen. She doesn’t forget those things, and he was a very loyal son to her.

“The memorial service was a family event, not a state one, so it really depended on her who would take her to her headquarters. So it’s a long-standing way of saying she’s a mom – and in her eyes, her kids can’t go wrong. “

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