Psychiatrist who testified about pens Amber Heard wrote about “terrible reaction”

Dr David Spiegel, a psychiatrist called by Amber Heard to testify in court at her defamation trial, wrote about the “terrible reaction” he experienced after appearing in the witness box.

After testifying that Johnny Depp exhibited behaviors that were “consistent” with someone who was an “intimate partner violence perpetrator,” Dr. Spiegel also admitted in cross-examination that he had not met the actor, but reviewed court documents and testified conclusions.

He said that Mr. Depp showed many signs of damage due to excessive use of drugs and alcohol, indicating that he used the headset during the filming and admitting that he made the move “completely in vain”.

Fans of the actor rushed to express their anger at Dr. Spiegel, and he is now he shared his experience in Newsweek in an op-ed entitled: “I testified at the Heard v. Depp trial. The reaction was terrible. “

As a psychiatrist with 30 years of experience, he has a history of providing expert evidence on unscrupulous medical practice, but he has never done so in such a high trial.

Dr. Spiegel spent three years on Depp v. Heard and originally assumed it would be a closed trial, not a television event. He was unprepared for the reaction of the public and was shocked by the scale and personal nature of the attack, emphasizing that it was “obviously a little harmful”.

“I deal with people for life, so I tried to understand where people come from. That’s what a psychiatrist does. But the comments below my YouTube videos were mean. And, some people have access to my business email, so I got four or five charming editorials about myself. ”

His WebMD site was also bombed with hundreds of false reviews when there were only a few before his testimony.

Feeling like he had an “emotional concussion” due to the feedback that left him “numb and dizzy”, he took an early vacation and was lucky to have the support of family, colleagues and even patients.

“Throughout my career, I’ve dealt with people who are not guilty of murder for insanity and people who are psychotic and have threatened to kill me, and that has never bothered me in the slightest, but this is it. You’re starting to realize that you really only need one person who doesn’t see things right. ”

Noticing the lack of any reaction from those who were at the center of the trial, Dr. Spiegel says Ms. Herd said nothing about the reaction, but also notes that she is “the most vulnerable person” since.

As for Mr. Depp, he says he would love to see him “skip this and say so [to his supporters]”Listen, I understand you’re upset, but there are ways to express yourself how to be upset.”

He adds: “The fact that it’s not likely speaks volumes about it.”

Dr Spiegel says Depp could have softened fans’ behavior and “redirected their emotions”.

“While I still feel this intervention would be welcome, his fans could be‘ disarmed ’by a verdict in his favor,” he says, but adds that since the verdict he received derogatory mail at work and an indecent phone call was taken over by his staff.

Dr Spiegel says that although his job is secure, he still fears he could be influenced by “the whole circus around the trial”.

As for the verdict, he expresses disappointment for Ms. Heard, whom he felt should have received more support from her. He wishes her “emotional recovery” at a time when she is seen as a “criminal.”

Would you do it again? Dr Spiegel says he is “60/40”.

“I’ve never been the target of so much hatred in my life, never,” he says. “I will process the emotion, but it will always be there; knowing that I was hit by such poison. ”

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