Princess Charlotte and Prince George delighted fans with the appearance of the Party at the Palace

Prince George and Princess Charlotte stole the show at last night’s party at the Palace, where they were seen laughing and singing along with famous musicians.

Young members of the royal family joined their parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, for BBC an event held at Buckingham Palace on Saturday, June 4th.

Charlotte, seven, and George, eight, sat in the front row of the royal lodge between Prince William and Kate Middleton, clapping and waving small Union Union flags.

As noted by social media users, they seemed particularly enthusiastic during Queen and Adam Lambert’s performance of “Don’t Stop Me Now” and Rod Stewart’s performance of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” song.

“The most precious thing I’ve ever seen,” wrote one Twitter user. “Prince George knows the words – father and son sing together. Happy tears. ”

Charlotte and George at last night’s concert

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Charlotte and George at last night’s concert

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Cameras also captured Charlotte’s joyous reaction to a pre-recorded segment where the Queen enjoyed a tea party with a bear from the cartoon character Paddington, voiced by Ben Whishaw.

“How pleased Princess Charlotte was to see her great-grandmother with the Paddington Bear!” One person wrote.

Another said: “Look at the excitement of Prince George and Princess Charlotte! Too sweet! “

The siblings laughed as they watched the show

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The brothers and sisters laughed while watching the show

(POOL / AFP via Getty Images)

Others praised Charlotte and George’s clothing combinations on the theme of the jubilee.

George was dressed in a dark blue suit, worn over a white shirt, while Charlotte wore red H&M tulle dress with sequins with appropriate velor souza cape.

The event marked the second public appearance of the children that day.

On Saturday afternoon, they joined their parents on a visit to Wales to meet the performers and crew who took part in a platinum jubilee concert at Cardiff Castle.

Charlotte delighted fans as much as she did she joined her mother and father in a playful attempt to conduct the orchestra.

The video shows William encouraging his daughter to try her hand as the orchestra began playing Lin-Manuel Miranda’s popular song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” from Disney. Charm.

Charlotte was reluctant at first, but soon began waving her arms and an improvised stick – which looked like a pencil – in the air.

The young princess was then seen smiling and giggling at her brother and father as she moved her arms.

On social media, fans said the video brightened their day.

“Love when Princess Charlotte started conducting the orchestra, and she and Prince George are laughing, the whole family is so wonderful,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another said: “I have to give it to William, he started to enter the conducting spirit! Charlotte was so cute, and Kate did a good job too! George is just like, my parents are so embarrassing hahahaha… a typical child. ”

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