Prince Harry worries fans as he falls off his horse during a polo match

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Since moving to California, Prince Harry he devoted his free time to playing polo, with his wife Meghan Markle supporting him from the side.

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The Duke of Sussex was pictured falling off a horse during the last two polo games he played, which led fans to worry about the royal family, and dramatic reports claim that he “almost died”. Although this is far from the case, Prince Harry has been observed doing severe stretching after a rollover.

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Stretching after a fall (and indeed, after any exercise) is a good way to minimize muscle pain so Harry doesn’t feel too stiff.

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While fans expressed concern for Harry after his accident, many were also full of praise for the prince’s polo attempts.

He reportedly scored two goals in the match, and photos of the royal family on their horse collected endless heart-shaped emoticons on Twitter.

Prince Harry rolled over during a polo match

One fan went so far as to say: “Prince Harry is reviving public interest in polo and I’m here for it! [He] he spent the rest of his life during these polo tournaments. “

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Another wrote: “Prince Harry makes polo look so cool”, while another commented: “It’s something you should be excited about! Come on, Prince Harry.”

Prince Harry can be seen on the floor next to his horse

Harry has worked hard to maintain his polo form, and Britain’s Millie Hine, who knows members of Prince Harry’s Los Padres team, says Daily mail that Harry trained four times a week and went to the gym most days to keep up with other professional players.

Prince Harry stretched to minimize his polo injuries

Harry joined the team in May and spent the last few weeks playing with his teammates, including his close friend Nacho Figueras, a professional polo player who founded Los Padres.

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