Prince Harry and Meghan Markle risk being cut off from the royal family if private details of the Queen’s platinum jubilee leak to the media or Harry’s book

Duke and The Duchess of Sussex they risk being “completely cut off” from the royal family if they share private details from the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

Prince Harry and Meghan are now being tested as they return to their lives in California almost two weeks after the celebration, the royal author believes.

The couple was invited to England to participate in four-day festivities and is mostly kept under the radar amid warnings not to overshadow Her Majesty’s historic event.

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Prince Harry and Meghan leave St. Paul’s Cathedral after Thanksgiving service. (Getty)

But “the test is really starting now,” says Duncan Larcombe.

“They came to the UK and the Jubilee and really re-cemented themselves as royal members – which is great for their brand and something that Spotify, Netflix and Penguin will eat,” Larcombe writes for Closer magazine.

“But now it all depends on their behavior.”

The Queen’s decision to welcome her grandson and his wife for the jubilee was a positive sign, Larcombe says, despite everything they have said to the media since they retired from their roles in 2020.

“Clearly the royal family has spread an olive branch here,” Larcombe, who is a former royal editor The sun and author Prince Harry: The Inner Story, says.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle greet Princess Eugenie and Beatrice at their places for Thanksgiving.
Prince Harry and Megan take their places in St. Paul’s Cathedral. (AP)

But, he says, “Harry and Meghan would spoil it if any private information” about the jubilee leaked to the media or was written in Harry’s memoirs, which are expected to be published later this year.

“Now this is their last chance. If something leaks from the weekend, I guess it will be completely interrupted and that will be it,” he says.

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“It’s very dangerous ground if they betray someone now. But if they behave appropriately and prove they can be trusted, it could be a big step in the right direction and the beginning of a new beginning.”

Meghan Markle with Savannah Phillips and Mia Tindall in the office of Major General with a view of The Trooping of the Color at the Horse Guard Parade.
Meghan in a building overlooking a horse guard parade during Trooping the Color. (© Kelvin Bruce)

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex returned very publicly to royal life by attending Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul’s Cathedral on June 3, but Her Majesty could not be there due to mobility problems.

The day before, Prince Harry and Meghan were at the Trooping the Color, but they were not watching from Buckingham Palace with senior members of the royal family, but were watching the festivities from a building overlooking the nearby Horse Guards Parade.

Prince Harry with Savannah Phillips and Mia Tyndall in the office of Major General overlooking The Horse Guard Parade The Trooping of the Color.
Prince Harry with Savannah Phillips and Mia Tyndall during Trooping the Color. (© Kelvin Bruce)

They were said to have refused an invitation to a cousin’s lunch later that day and also decided not to attend lunch at the Guildhall after the church service, despite the fact that most of Harry’s family was there.

Harry and Meghan also celebrated their daughter Lilibet’s first birthday at Frogmore Cottage on June 4, later sharing photos from a party when they returned to California.

During their stay in the UK, it is not believed that they had any private contact with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children, who are cousins ​​of Archie and Lilibet.

There were hints that Prince William was cautious about seeing his brother behind closed doors because of the risk that details from their meeting would leak to the media.

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