Prince Charles hopes Britain will avoid a return to the ‘quarrel’ after the Jubilee The Queen’s platinum jubilee

The Prince of Wales hopes that the nation will not return to “quarrels” after the feeling of “unity” during the platinum jubilee weekend.

Charles and his wife Camilla kicked off the final day of the Queen’s 70th anniversary celebrations with a meeting with guests at the Great Jubilee Lunch in Oval, South London.

The couple hung out with 450 guests, including people from various organizations, as well as locals and a group of 70 volunteers from the Royal Volunteer Service.

Sarah Friar, executive director of the Nextdoor neighborhood app, was among those who met Charles when he sat across from her at her desk.

“In the end, he said how great it was that everyone got together this weekend,” she said. “We see it with the neighbors, don’t we?” I’m from a company called Nextdoor, so the people who come along with the best come out. People who don’t know each other outside are having fun. “

Friar, who lives near San Francisco but is originally from Sion Mills in Co Tyrone, said Charles commented: “When Monday comes, will we go back to arguing again? Let’s hope we don’t do that. ” The friar said it was a “wonderful thought” for all of us.

Gemma Snow, from the Eden project, sat next to Charles and said he was talking about “maintaining that togetherness”.

The concert on Saturday night at Buckingham Palace also reached the conversation, and the Friar said that Charles described it as “miraculous”.

Local resident Sonia Wilson also mentioned to Charles a party at the palace.
“He said, ‘I’m sorry I stopped you for lunch.’ I said, “Don’t worry, I ate my jam sandwich,” she said.

Wilson said Charles laughed and replied, “That’s a good joke, isn’t it?”

Singer Elaine Paige, an ambassador for the Royal Voluntary Service, met Charles and Camilla for lunch.

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Speaking afterwards, Paige said: “I think they are having a great time. Obviously, this is the right schedule for all of them. But I think he seemed very relaxed and full of good humor, and I think his introductory comment was – because it was only half past 11 – ‘It’s a little early for lunch.’ “

Speaking about the Queen’s sketch with Paddington Bear, she said: “I thought she was a brilliant actress. She said that the queen had perfect timing and “glitter in her eyes”, adding: “I think she is just the most superlative actor. It was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. ”

Charles and Camilla looked at a 6-foot x 1.5-meter tea-themed felt felt by Lucy Sparrow when they arrived at an event at the cricket field. The work will be exhibited later this year at the grand entrance to Buckingham Palace.

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