Piers Morgan in furious quarrel with rival Dan Walker over strange interview with RMT chief

Piers Morgan and Dan Walker were once again embroiled in a war of words on social media over the couple’s separate interviews with Mick Lynch of RMT.

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Piers Morgan hits Dan Walker in an epic speech about Matt Hancock

Piers Morgan he rekindled his war of words with his rival Dan Walker after a news anchor on Channel 5 shared a clip of his interview with RMT union chief Mick Lynch.

Ex Good morning Britain the leader, 57, spent time on Wednesday, in his own words, “winding it all up” after his discussion with the union leader.

Piers challenged him because of his profile picture in which he proved to be the naughty Thunderbirds of The Hood.

But Twitter users were offended and Piers was involved in several feedbacks during the day.

Then it was Dana’s turn, 45, to republish his video of the discussion he had with Mick – and he seemed to have a problem with his old enemy.

With the video, first BBC The presenter wrote, “We live in an age of slander, confrontational interviews, and RMT, Mick Lynch, he had several.

Piers Morgan and Dan Walker often lead heated debates

“If you treat people with respect, you can still ask tough questions and get decent answers by allowing your audience to decide for themselves.”

He further explained how he decided to give up the interview because “someone sent me a message and said ‘why are you all, journalists, always fighting with every guest’?”

That comment provoked a reaction from Piers, who now presents his own show on TalkTV.

He quoted the post on Twitter and wrote: “Is there anyone more mistaken on world television than Desperate Day .. the most boring interviewer in the world.”

None of those who would give up, Dan almost immediately retaliated with smiling emoticons and said, “Why is it ‘boring’ to let someone talk and not yell at him all the time?”

And Piers continued his efforts to encourage his rival, responding: “Dude, I had to leave GMB because I was too exciting / dangerous.

“You had to leave the BBC because, even by their standards, you’re a moody mood. But your pompous lectures on how to give interviews are damn funny, I’ll tell you that.”

As followers of both journalists continued to pile up arguments to give their opinion, Dan was not yet ready to let him go.

Dan and Piers compared their interviews with Mick Lynch



With a gif of Pierce storming the Good Morning Britain set, he retorted, “You left GMB because one of your colleagues called you out.

Your ‘exciting / dangerous’ response to that was [fingers pointing down to Piers walking off set]. Next time I promise to spend at least 5 minutes on Thunderbirds. “

Fans of the Day seemed to appreciate his comments, which he reciprocated, and he quoted his response on Twitter, saying that he “defeated” Piers on this occasion.

However, Piers is not over yet and has continued to share his impressive ratings with his followers, showing how his interview with Mick has reached over two million views so far.

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