Peter Andre hits back as size of manhood discussed in court: ‘Miniature chipolata’

A court case being closely watched in the UK took an unexpected turn this week as the size of Australian singer Peter Andre’s manhood became a point of discussion.

Coleen Rooney and Rebecca Vardy – both high-profile WAGs in the UK – are facing off in an epic libel trial.

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In 2019, Rooney began a sting operation to find out who was leaking stories about her from her private Instagram account. She later accused Vardy of being the leak.

Vardy is now suing Rooney for libel, claiming the accusation was false.

And then came the bit about Peter Andre’s manhood.

Peter Andre found himself being discussed in court.
Peter Andre found himself being discussed in court. Credit: Instagram / Peter Andre

During cross-examination, Vardy was questioned about her historic liaison with Andre, and specifically a newspaper interview she gave about it later.

On the stand, Vardy admitted she regretted describing Andre’s genitals as a “miniature chipolata”, the Mirror reported.

Rooney’s lawyer David Sherbourne asked Vardy if the disclosure had been “respectful” of Andre’s “right not to share this information”.

Rebekah Vardy arrives at court.
Rebekah Vardy arrives at court. Credit: Neil Mockford/GC Images

“I was forced into a situation by my ex-husband to do this and it is something that I deeply regret,” Vardy replied.

“It’s not nice to read and I understand why this is being used – to me, this is mudslinging, and I was also threatened with mudslinging by Mrs Rooney’s team.”

Thankfully, Andre has taken the exposure with grace – posting about it to his Instagram page.

“Here I was this morning, sat in my robe feeling like I had to say something,” Andre said.

“Just a couple of things first. Sorry to Emily [Andre’s wife] and the children that have had to see and hear some not very nice things.

“To be fair, the media are very kind to me in general,” he added.

“You all know I like to take the p *** out of myself but maybe I felt a bit vulnerable this morning. Love from an Aussie Brit Greek. ”

Peter Andre with his wife Emily.
Peter Andre with his wife Emily. Credit: Instagram / Peter Andre

In an accompanying video, Andre said: “Seeing as I haven’t had much of a say in this, and just let everyone have a laugh and whatever, I’m just going to put it out.

“Fifteen years this has been going on and I kept quiet and I didn’t say anything, and I let everyone have their laugh and I let everyone say what they wanted to say.

“Okay yes, now, [Vardy has] gone to court and admitted that the story was made up, and she did that because her ex-husband forced her to do it.

“Fair enough, but put that all aside and just think how it feels that if … I had said this, about her anatomy, or a man said something about a woman’s anatomy, and made up something … very unflattering.

“There would be outrage, there would be absolute outrage.

“But because it’s been said about me, it’s been the butt of all jokes, I’ve taken it for 15 years.

“You know some of you are gonna go,‘ Oh get over it, don’t say anything whatever ’.

High court

“You’ve got to understand, what’s even worse is it’s brought up in a High Court, and the lawyer is bringing it up … and it’s brought up again.

“And the only one that sits there and takes hit after hit about it is me.

“And I’ll just be laughing about it for a while, but think about how it would feel if it was the other way around, that’s all I’m saying.

“It’s not fair that something like this can happen again and again and again.”


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