People react that Kim Kardashian damages Marilyn Monroe’s dress

From apathetic to resentful, here’s the reaction.

As you probably know, kim kardashian carried A 1962 Marilyn Monroe dress – which Marilyn wore when she was an icon sang “Happy Birthday” to then-President John F. Kennedy – at this year’s Met Gala.

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Kim has controversially revealed that she is lost £ 16 for one week so she could “fit” into the dress, and she even shared a clip of her and her team trying to set / stretch a garment on her.

Now that we’ve looked at a video where people from Ripley put a Marilyn dress on Kim, there’s no way this kind of handshake didn’t cause damage to the dress just during fitting. And they obviously made 2 separate connections.

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Well, this week it was announced that the cult dress is permanent damaged after Kim wore it, people thought too.

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Some said, “This is bullshit from rich people.”

no offense, but I literally don’t care that Kim Kardashian ruined Marilyn Monroe’s dress. I will never afford a home

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And then the OTHERS were outraged by the whole alleged incident and how it represented another form exploitation Marilyn Monroe:

The reason Kim Kardashian ruined Marilyn Monroe’s dress so disturbingly is not actually related to the dress – but because Marilyn was an intelligent, kind woman who was used, abused and exploited all her life, and even in her death she is still so disrespected

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@jzux Marilyn Monroe was a woman who was exploited and used all her life. Even in her death, they do not allow her to rest in peace. Honestly, this is deeply sad on a human level. This is all.

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“As a historian, this hurts not because it has damaged ‘history’, but because people continue to treat Marilyn Monroe and her things as public,” one person said. wrote. “Her face, her body, her image, her person is not perceived as HER then or now and deserves much more than being anyone’s symbol.”

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Kim Kardashian has not responded to the clothing situation, but we will certainly let you know if she does.

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