Pakistani actor trolls after trying to “put down” a fruit platter Kylie Jenner as his

Across Pakistan, Twitter has accepted Kylie Jenner’s fruit tray as his own, thanks to actor Minal Khan. Kylie accidentally posted a photo of a plate of fruit, along with a “Kylie Air” napkin, on her Instagram stories. Shortly afterwards, Minal posted it on her own Instagram stories, without explaining why. Given the lack of credit or explanation, the internet assumed Minal was trying to pass Kylie’s fruit tray as her own. Minal also seemed to pull a napkin out of her story.

As it goes, memes and jokes were made out of the situation, and even Minal jumped into the car. She shared one of the memes on her Instagram story and wrote: “Hahaha so true … Pleasure of the soul”.

The KarJenners are no strangers to trolling. Recently, Kendall Jenner inspired some colorful memes. The video showed Kendall struggling to slice a cucumber. It happened when Kendall tried to make herself a snack and ended up in a complicated situation. “Do you want the chef to make you a snack?” Chris Jenner Kendall asked in a viral video, to which she replied: “I make it myself. I’m just going to chop a cucumber. It’s pretty easy. ” However, when she tried to cut the cucumber, it turned out to be difficult for her and she did it in a rather awkward way.

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