Paige from Love Island sobs that Jacques “is not what I want” after cursing an argument with Ekin-Su

Paige from Love Island was left in a flood of tears in tonight’s dramatic episode after a fierce quarrel broke out between Ekin-Su, Jay and her partner Jacques

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Island of Love: Jay and Ekin-Su quarrel in a teaser

Love Island’s Paige is left to reconsider her flourishing romance with Jacques in the preview for tonight’s fiery episode.

The couple was slowly becoming one of the strongest couples in the villa and recently enjoyed them the first night in hiding.

But Paige gets a sharp dose of reality in Thursday’s episode because she sees a side of Jacques she’s not so keen on.

The consequences begin when Jay finally admits to Ekin-Su that he harbors feelings for Welsh nurse Paige.

At first Ekin-Su calmly accepts the news, but later pulls Jay into a conversation where she admits she is furious that he ‘led’ her.

Ekin-Su and Jay’s breakup quickly causes problems for the other islanders


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The couple enters a heated argument that ends with Ekin-Su storming through the garden and branding their partner a ‘fucking cup’.

The actress then wastes no time telling Jacques about Jay’s motives towards his partner, leading to a surprising reaction from the rugby players.

Instead of getting upset about the new competition, Jacques stands up for his friend and tells Ekin-Su that he is not surprised that Jay’s eye has wandered off.

“He paired up with you, but he found out what you were in two days, buddy … a terrible headache,” Jacques tells her.

Jacques tells Paige that he’s glad she’s talking to Jay

“He meets people. Why can’t people meet each other?” he asks.

After witnessing an outburst of swearing, Paige is even more upset when Jacques tells her that he “doesn’t mind in the least” if she meets Jay.

Paige is currently in tears



“He said he wanted to meet you, so I said, ‘Sweet, come on,'” Jacques tells Paige. “It doesn’t bother me in the least. You do your thing. “

To confirm his point, Jacques later confirms at Beach Hut: “You can’t go wrong with honesty. It will make us worse or better.

“I really believe things are happening for a reason. We’ll see how things go over the next few days.”

Paige and Jacques were very much loved in the hideout



Later in the evening, a broken Paige breaks in front of Tasha in the locker room as emotions overwhelm her after a dramatic day.

Sensing that her friend is not her usual one, Tasha asks “What’s bothering you?”

“The whole Jacques thing,” Paige yells, bursting into tears. “He’s like, ‘Yeah, keep talking to Jay.’

“But that’s not what I want!

“It seems to me a little, do you try so hard because you don’t feel the same?”

“You can get all my effort or none of that,” she cries as Tasha comforts her.

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