Nisha Rawal celebrates the 5th birthday of her son, Kavish Mehra with less privileged children in an NGO

Nisha Rawal celebrates the 5th birthday of her son, Kavish Mehra with less privileged children in an NGO

There was a time when television celebrities, Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal were one of the most beloved couples, who never managed to give us big couples with their PDAs on social media, romantic pictures and soft videos. However, things have changed drastically. As of today, they are not even in conversation and are fighting in court for custody of their son, Kavisha Mehra. For the uninitiated, Karan and Niša tied the knot on November 24, 2012. After several years of their happy married life, they were blessed with a boy, whom they lovingly named Kaviš Mehra.

However, cracks soon began to appear in their married life, and when things got out of hand Nisha Rawal filed a FIR against her husband Karan Mehra for domestic abuse. After that, she started living separately with her son Kavis. The case is still ongoing, and in the meantime, Kaviš is under the care of his mother.

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On June 15, 2022, Nisha Rawal opened her Instagram and shared a video with her son, Kavisha Mehra’s 5th birthday. The video shows the mother-son duo visiting an NGO and spending nice time there with the children. In the video, Nis and Kavis can be seen dancing and playing with children in a non-governmental organization, and that was really a sight. Not only this, but even Kavish has been spotted playing with children and handing out gifts to them after the cake-cutting ceremony. As soon as the video was posted on Instagram, many celebrities and people started praising Nisha’s decision to celebrate Kavish’s birthday in an NGO and teaching him true values. Along with the video, Nisha wrote a note in the title, and it can be read as:

“This year for my Littloo’s birthday, I wanted to show him how he feels empowered by a mere act of compassion, kindness and love, helping without expecting to get a return! Let’s share this moment so that more of us can come together to continue in our love for poor children and we are helping them build a stable future. @wecanwewillfdn thank you for accepting us and making my little children’s birthday special! ”

On June 14, 2022, Nisha Rawal opened her Instagram and posted a memorable video to wish her son, Kavish Mehri, his 5th birthday. In the video, we were able to spot priceless images of the mom-son duo and short clips from their memory strip that clearly depicts their specific relationship. Along with this video, Nisha also wrote a heart-melting message for her little friend in the title. In her note, Nisha poured out her immense love and care for Kavis, and this could be read as:

“Every pore of my being, every step I take, every sunrise and sunset, every chapter of my life, every blood flowing in my veins, I love you through eternity my Littloo @kavishmehra. Give me 5 and Happy 5 years. Go and capture the world ! ”

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While Nisha Rawal was celebrating his son, Kavisha Mehra’s 5th birthday at an NGO, his father Karan Mehra was the one who cut a custom DC-themed cake himself to mark his son’s birthday. The actor opened his Instagram and shared a video showing him cutting a delicious cake and celebrating his son’s birthday. Beloved dad also admitted that he missed his son terribly on his birthday, but assured him that she was fighting for him. Karan Mehra also said that soon he and Kavish will be together. While sharing the video, Karan also wrote an honest note in the title, and it can be read as:

“Happy birthday my little Kavish. Dad loves you and misses you like crazy, but the fight is on and he won’t give up on you. Hold on a little longer and nothing will and nothing can take you away from me. Please shower your blessing on my favorite. Kove and Kugs. ”

Well, we are absolutely in love with Nisha Mehra’s decision to celebrate the birthday of her son, Kavish Mehra-in in an NGO! what about you? Let us know.

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