News from the royal family: Princess Anne, Zara and Mike today lead the royal members in Ascot | Royal | News

Princess Anne and her close family will lead the carriage procession on the third day of Royal Ascot, otherwise known as Women’s Day. The royal princess will be accompanied in the first carriage by her beloved husband and former naval officer Sir Timothy Laurence.

Mike and Zara Tindall will also be with the couple, as announced by Ascot Racecourse.

Another member of the royal family will be in the second carriage, which is believed to be much loved by the queen – Lady Sara Chato, daughter of Princess Margaret.

Princess Anne, Zara and Mike have already been spotted in Ascot in recent days.

The royal princess took part in the carriage procession on the first day.

Mr Chamberlain said: “I just assume the seat was left empty as a sign of respect because Her Majesty the Queen is not here today.

“Let’s hope that he will come tomorrow, tomorrow is the day of the Golden Cup.

“But the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles are at the forefront again.”

The editor-in-chief of the Royal Central, Charlie Proctor, commented on the first carriage that transported four people today with a tweet.


He said: “Some media commentators have speculated that the empty seat in carriage 1 in the first two days of #RoyalAscot could have been a tribute to the Queen.

“Maybe it’s a good sign that it’s filled on the third day?”

In recent years, the Queen has attended all five days of races in Ascot, which is believed to be one of the events she looks forward to the most every year.

In 2021, she started racing only on the last day, accompanied by her racing manager John Warren.

Although she is yet to appear at Ascot this year, the Queen sent a message to the race participants on the first day of the competition.

Included in the program of the racing meeting, the monarch’s statement read: “I am glad to welcome you to the first Royal Ascot with full attendance from 2019.

“Following the recent challenges, this year’s Royal Meeting provides a long-awaited opportunity for race fans from around the world to gather in five days of extraordinary sport.

“Once again, it’s exciting that horses from all over the world have traveled to Royal Ascot to compete at the highest level.”

She then referred to the Queen’s Green Canopy launched last October, a tree planting initiative aimed at creating lasting honor for the monarch in the year of her platinum jubilee.

She said: “I was very grateful for the continuous kindness shown to me by the racing community.

“In my platinum jubilee year, I was interested in planting 70 oak trees in Windsor Great Park in support of The Queen’s Green Canopy, Ascot Racecourse and Crown Estate, each linked to a local school.

“I hope you all have a pleasant and memorable time, and I wish good luck to the horse connections that are running this week.”

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