New photos show additional damage to the Marilyn Monroe dress worn by Kim Kardashian

More photos have surfaced that apparently show additional damage to Marilyn Monroe’s cult dress from 1962 after being worn by Kim Kardashian at the 2022 Met Gala.

The nude dress, which the Ripley Museum believed or did not buy in 2016 for 4.8 million US dollars (3.8 million pounds), seems to have broken on one of its belts.

This comes after collector Scott Fortner shared photos via his blog and social media that appear to show damage to the back of the dressincluding stretched fabric and missing crystals.

Kardashian carried a famous film legend “Happy Birthday Mr President Dress”In early May, when she walked the red carpet at the 2022 Met Gala.

She later changed into a replica for the rest of the evening.

The new pictures, which he posted on the Instagram account of the fashion keeper, Diet Prada, allegedly showed a torn fabric on the edge of the right belt of the dress.

The museum and Kardashian found themselves under fire from critics for the condition of the dress after the appearance of a reality star in it.

Fortner, who helps verify the authenticity and verification of Monroe’s souvenirs, told the PA on Tuesday that Ripley’s “Believe it or not” was “irresponsible” for borrowing the dress.

He said: “It is not clear to me what the motivation was other than publicity.

“Since the amount of publicity that came out of this was really invaluable, you couldn’t pay for the amount of publicity they got and that’s actually the only thing I can imagine as a reason to do it. ”

However, he said he did not intend to direct internet anger at Kardashian, adding that “the disappointment I experience is that Ripley has made several statements that they are doing everything they can to protect and preserve the dress”.

“This is a cultural icon. It is a political icon. It’s a Hollywood icon. It’s a piece of American history from an event that happened 60 years ago and … it needed to be archived and preserved and taken care of. “

Fortner added: “I think a lot of people are really passionate about Kim Kardashian and that’s not my attempt here.

“It’s the most famous dress in the world.”

Kardashian she is known to have lost 16 pounds in three weeks to fit into a dress. She added that she “did not sit in it, nor eat in it, nor did she have any risk of damaging it”.

Monroe’s estate allegedly defended the election of the founders of SKIMS wear a cult dress and said Gentlemen prefer blondes the star would be “thrilled” about it.

Said Nick Woodhouse, president of the Authentic Brands Group that runs the Monroe estate TMZ that Kardashian is the perfect person to wear this dress because of the similarities between the two stars.

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