New boyfriend Charlie on the Island of Love – the right age, reality TV connection and the famous double

While the bomb on Charlie Radnedge’s Island of Love enjoys his first day at the villa, we learn more about the Londoner – who will surely speed up his pulse

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Island of Love: New guy Charlie enters the villa

Love Island’s Charlie Radnedge’s latest bomb has already left a big impression.

The designer was immediately told to “fuck off”. Luca Bish when he rocked last night to meet the girls, who were overwhelmed with excitement when they saw the new stallion.

With his sculpted build and classic look, London boyfriend Charlie will surely cause a rise in temperature in the villa.

But what about the guy – from his Made in Chelsea connections to surprising real years – here’s a low description of the blue bomb.

Familiar connections

Charlie may make his debut on reality TV, but he already has friends in high positions.

The new islander is a good friend of Made In Chelsea favorite Miles Nazaire, who joined the series in the 15th season.

Miles accepted Instagram to show his support for his partner, saying: “The secret has been revealed, Charlie is involved The island of love. We’ve known him for weeks and he’s been killing us for not saying anything.

Charlie’s friends with MIC’s Miles


Friends in high positions


“The boys and I obviously knew that and that’s why he wasn’t on social media or we didn’t hang out with him.

“However, please all go and support our boy Charlie. He is amazing, he is our best friend and he will kill him. He is one of the funniest people we know.”

Miles colleague Harvey Armstrong also sent his support for the bomb, announcing, “I can’t trust @CharlieRadnedge my boyfriend at the villa.”

Although he wasn’t convinced his friend would be on a romantic ride, adding, “You don’t find love there, buddy.”

The right years

Fans were confused when Charlie debuted in the series, and many were trying to determine the age of this bomb.

He told ITV that he was “a little more mature” than most of the contestants, but it turned out that he was 28 years old.

He thinks he is “a little more mature” than the rest of the gang



That only makes him a year older Davide Sanclimentiwho got hit for shooting with Gemma Owen19.

The Italian didn’t seem to be the biggest fan of the bomb when he said, “Charlie … the name says it all.”

While Davide’s ex-partner Ekin-Su was a little more impressed with Charlie, especially his age, because she had already admitted that she wanted an older man.

Now that Ekin and her partner Jay are under attack, can the new guy turn her head?

The famous double

With his blue curls and strong bone structure, some eagle-eyed viewers think they’ve seen Charlie before.

Fans quickly pointed out the similarity between the Londoner and Arthur Shelby from Peaky Blinders, played by Paul Anderson.

Fans think he looks like Arthur Shelby


BBC / Caryn Mandabach Productions Ltd./Robert Viglassky)

There is a definite resemblance between the couple with one viewer tweeting, “Charlie belongs, belongs to Peaky Blinders.”

However, while he might look like a ruthless villain, Charlie’s cut accent would stand out a mile in Birmingham!

‘Ready to settle down’

Despite the fact that Harvey from MIC is not optimistic about the chance of his friends to find love in the villa, Charlie said he is ready to settle down.

He thinks he is ready to settle down



“I go out a lot in London and I’ve been alone for three years, so I don’t have that much success in that department, so why not try something new,” he said. ITV.

Pointing out that he was “a little more mature” than some of the other contestants, he added: “I figured some things out. I think I’m basically ready to settle down.”

The student reckoned he cast an eye on Ekin-Su, Paige and Tasha before entering the villa, but pointed out that he ‘could get along with someone he didn’t like before’.

With his first night under the belt under the watchful eyes of a boy, we can’t wait to see what happens later this evening!

The Island of Love is on ITV2 at 9 p.m.

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