Naomie Olindo explains Craig Conover’s relationship after Butterfly Split

All eyes are on him Naomie Olindo i Craig Conover when Southern Charm returns for season 8 after the former reunited before the cameras began filming.

“I was surprised at how much emphasis was placed on that in the episode because I think other people did a much bigger thing than it was for me and Craig,” says Naomie (29) exclusively. Us Weekly on the eve of the premiere of season 8. ‘It was kind of like a time and a place where it’s like,’ OK, I know you, I believe you, we were both fresh to break up. ‘ This is really long ago now, but it’s never been like, ‘Oh, we have to get back together, blah, blah.’ It was a consolation – a very temporary consolation thing. “

Naomie from Southern Charm reveals if she wanted to go back with Craig

Naomie Olindo and Craig Conover. Courtesy of Naomie Olindo / Instagram; Christopher Polk / Shutterstock

Last month, Craig’s current girlfriend, Paige DeSorborumors confirmed that the creator of Sewing Down South slept with his ex-girlfriend in Las Vegas before the stars of the Winter House were exclusive.

“I think the world is Paige, I think she’s great,” Naomi continued Us. “I think they look very happy together, and I’m so happy for him, and I was surprised to see people trying to bring me to Paige against each other, because it really doesn’t have to be that way. I think that any misunderstandings that you will see throughout the season were so unnecessary because of people in other people’s ears and the like. I think if you just leave that to me and Paige, we’d be great friends. “

Designer L’Abeye has been dating Craig occasionally and non-stop during seasons 3 and 4 Southern Charmcalling it giving up 2017. Naomie she reunited with Craig after her messy breakup from Metul Shah in July 2021. Paige and the What’s wrong with my sewing? In the meantime, the author has been having fun since May 2021, but he made his relationship official only at the beginning of autumn.

“We’re friendly,” Naomie said Us of the Summer house star. “We don’t like, you know, hanging out on the weekends or anything like that, but I like following her on Instagram. I think he has great style. I love the things he posts. I think she’s great. It’s kind of one of those things, like, there are limits, but all good things. “

Fans will also see the dynamics of Paige and Naomi in the upcoming season southern charm, including their first meeting in Kathryn Dennis‘birthday party at the premiere.

“She was so lovely and it wasn’t embarrassing at all,” she said Us. “I think as the season goes on, you’ll see Paige and I have a few conversations in which, like, we don’t understand each other, because like I said, just a lot of different people in people’s ears and one person said one thing, another said another. And so some of it was just a misunderstanding. You will have to watch. ”

Southern Charm returns to Bravo on Thursday, June 23, at 9 p.m. ET.

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