Naomi Campbell designed a chic braless at the Louis Vuitton fashion show at Paris Fashion Week

Naomi Campbell at Louis Vuitton fashion show at Paris Fashion Week

Naomi Campbell arrives amazingly at Louis Vuitton fashion show (Picture: Getty Images)

You know that feeling of pure freedom when you come home and take off your bra, leaving the pressure of the day – and the wire – on the floor? Well, Naomi Campbell completely missed that step by going without a bra today at Paris Fashion Week.

The British supermodel appeared on Thursday in Paris, France, at the presentation of men’s clothing for the spring and summer of 2023, Louis Vuitton, looking as if she had a place on the runway.

Naomi, 52, brought the tropical region to the event wearing a lilac flower set that contained an oversized shirt – under which she went without a bra – and a pair of matching wide-leg pants.

Somehow the queen of style managed to master the art of flaunting the cobblestones, waving the crowd and looking as always chic, because one wrong move would mean the end of the game for the modesty of the model and, honestly, we bow to her skill.

Held at the Cour Carrée in the Louvre, the fashion show featured more than Louis Vuitton’s latest collection as the band performed live on the bright yellow catwalk.

Other stars spotted on the show include Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel, Joel Edgerton with his girlfriend Christine Centenera and rapper Tyga.

Paris Fashion Week wasn’t ready for Naomi without a bra (Image: Backgrid)
We don’t know how Naomi walked on the cobblestones without a bra and high heels, but we bow (Image: Backgrid)
Supermodel skips catwalk this time (Image: GC Images)

It comes amid speculation about it Naomi Campbell could appear in one of Beyonce’s upcoming music videos after the singer’s epic comeback with the new single Break My Soul.

said the source“Beyoncé will use her new dance sound as an opportunity to pay tribute to the supermodels of the 1990s and to focus heavily on the British scene,” says Naomi.

Naomi Campbell at Louis Vuitton fashion show at Paris Fashion Week

But she still posed as if on one (Image: GC Images)
Naomi could be one of the supermodels that Beyonce will pay tribute to in her upcoming music videos (Image: WireImage)

‘Beyoncé is in love with the UK and attributes much of her success to them over the years,’ the insider told us.

‘That’s why she gave British Vogue an exclusive drop on the board.

‘She likes the fact that so many black writers and DJs thrive on the dance scene there and that she paid attention to the songs of people like MistaJam, David Asante, MNEK, Camille and the early Azealie Banks when she was thinking.’

They added: ‘She also wanted to pay tribute to artists like Brenda Fassie so there will be references to South African pop music on the album. Some of her music videos will touch on the glamor of the 90s supermodel, and she plans to work with some Brits on her new music videos and performances. ‘

It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if Naomi recorded a cameo as she has already appeared in Beyonce’s music video, starring in the singer’s visuals for Brown Skin Girl 2019.

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