Mohnish Bahl on how his late mother, Nutan, calmed him down after he had a breakup in his teens

Mohnish Bahl remembers when his late mother Nutan surprised him dressed as a stranger

Indian actor, Mohnish Bahl is a renowned actor in both the Hindu film fraternity and the television industry. Over the years, he has been a part of some of the greatest films ever made and many of the most popular daily soaps in the world of television. Apart from being an exceptional actor, he is also known for being the son of the legendary actress Nutan and former naval lieutenant Rajnis Bahl. However, since childhood, he has reportedly seen his parents arguing with each other over a series of irreconcilable issues.

However, that only made him a stronger person, but it is so NutanHer death on February 21, 1991, which broke something in her son, Mohnish Bahl, that could not be repaired. Even today, Mohnish misses his mother’s presence in his life. Now, in a recent interview with a leading news portal, Mohnish opened up his late mother Nutan and shared some interesting anecdotes from his childhood days.

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In an interview with Pinkville, Mohnish Bahl opened up his late mother and legendary actress Nutan and shed some light on her life. When the actor was asked to explain what his mother was like, Mohnish revealed an incident from his teenage years. The beloved son said that when he was a teenager, he went through a lot of pain and understood the complexity of life. When he encountered heartbreaks and lost people in his love life, his mother Nutan gave him some kind advice that helped him overcome the pain of a broken heart he suffered in his life. Recalling the same, Mohnish said:

“All the pains and troubles of a teenager’s love life, all the heartbreaks I shared with her.” Time goes on, things pass. Life never ends, “would be her kind advice.”

Going further in the interview, Mohnish Bahl was asked to share any memorable event or moment from the day of his childhood with his mother, Nutan, who is quite close to him. Responding to this, the actor recalled his old school days. One day, when he was returning home from school, he saw a foreign lady standing at his door and that confused him. However, when he arrived in front of a foreign lady, it turned out that she was his mother, Nutan. The actress was in costume for her then upcoming film, in which she played the role of a foreign lady. Mohnish said:

“A distinct memory of her as a child is the day I came back from school and found her waiting at the door to surprise me. She played a stranger in the film. For that she wore blue contact lenses and a gold wig. At first I didn’t recognize her. But when she spoke, I shouted excitedly, Mom! ”

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In the same interview, Mohnish Bahl also shared her views on what a mother is like and explained why she is often considered one of the most photogenic actresses of all time. Praising his mother’s beauty, the son in love also referred to Nutana’s presence as an actor on the big screen and admitted that she is a wonderful human being. in his words:

I always claimed that mom was a 100 times better human being than she was an actor. And a 1000 times better mother than she was a human being. Hers was a benevolent presence. As an actress, she was appreciated for her incredible talent. As a star , she was said to have the most photogenic face, a bone structure that looked beautiful from every angle. But for me, she was just my ‘mom’, beautiful anyway. ”

The late legendary actress, Nutan

Professionally, Mohnish Bahl was last seen in the film, Panipat.

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