Mike Tindall marked Prince Harry as a ‘bitch’ at a jubilee party at Buckingham Palace | Royal | News

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry pose with Zara Tindall

The remark was sent to a fellow guest at a reception after a platinum party at the Palace on Saturday, June 4th. Prince Harry has returned to the UK to celebrate the jubilee along with his wife Meghan and the couple’s two children.

They were not present at the television concert with the rest of the royal family, gathered in front of Buckingham Palace.

Mr. Tindall, who was married to the Queen’s grandson Zara, sat just behind the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Louis.

Mr Tindall said the open-air concert, which featured Duran Duran, Diversity and Elton John, allowed members of the royal family to “chat” and enjoy a drink together after the show.

For the podcast “The Good, The Bad, and The Rugby” he said: “It was at a concert where there was a little more chat together because we went in and had a drink with everyone after that.

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The remark was heard by a fellow guest at a reception after a platinum party at the Palace (Image: Getty)

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Mike Tindall seems to be visibly avoiding talking to Prince Harry and Meghan (Image: Getty)

“I think the commission that put it together did an amazing job.”

After the concert, Mr. Tindall spoke with a colleague and called Prince Harry’s behavior “behavior”.

During the jubilee celebrations, Meghan and Harry only officially appeared once with the rest of the royal family.

They attended a Thanksgiving service held at St. Paul’s Cathedral on June 3, but were otherwise mostly hidden from the public and media during the celebration.

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Zara pauses near the exit with her husband to talk to those coming out of the building (Image: Getty)

As rows of members of the royal family left the cathedral after the service, Zara stopped near the exit with her husband to talk to those leaving the building.

Television footage clearly shows how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex approached them at the time, chatting live with the Queen’s grandson.

But her husband seems to visibly avoid talking to Prince Harry and Meghan throughout the conversation, instead looking into the distance and starting a separate conversation with David Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon and son of the late Princess Margaret.

Prince Harry and Megan then walk away from the duke’s cousin towards the steps of the Cathedral, without acknowledging the former rugby player.

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Judi James: ‘Zara looks happy to chat, and even completely turns around to talk to Harry here’ (Image: Getty)

In an interview with Express.co.uk after the service, body language expert Judi James suggested that “Mike’s closeness to William” “seems to have created a small dilemma” when Harry joined Zara’s group.

She added: “Zara seems to be happy to talk and even completely turns around to talk to Harry, who looks worried and wants to get in his car.

“Mike, however, remains facing forward, looking around and holding his order of service with an awkward look.

“He finally talks to Viscount Lindley, who turns his back on Harry, separating the two men from Zara’s conversation with Harry.”

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Meghan and Harry once officially appeared with the rest of the royal family (Image: Getty)

Royal commentator Lady Colin Campbell also claimed after the service that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were “escaped like the plague” and that “no one will talk to them” at numerous jubilee events.

Lady Colin told GB News: “Between the whistles and the cold they got from everyone, as far as I understood, by the time they left, they were absolutely spitting bricks.

“And then the coup de grace as far as they are concerned is not only that they were scouted, but while they were waiting for the car, no one talked to them except Zara.

“Mike Tindall avoided them like the plague. He made sure he didn’t catch their eye. “

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Tyndales with Prince Harry 2014 (Image: Getty)

Mr Tyndall had previously joked that members of the royal family would like to “throw a few blows” to the Duke of Sussex.

He commented on this during A Question of Sport Live at the London Palladium in September 2021.

He was joined by former English rugby player Matt Dawson, who told a night out with Prince Harry and former teammate Ian Balshaw in Sydney in 2003.

Royal expert Richard Eden said Balshaw and Tindall thought it would be “fun to throw a few punches” at the prince to see how long it would take Harry’s personal protectors to intervene.

Mr. Eden added, “It turned out a few seconds.”

Mr Tindall said: “In Balmoral the family is having the same conversation now.”

He added: “Except the Queen took away his insurance.”

Express.co.uk contacted Mike and Zara Tindall for comment.

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