Mick Jagger’s son, 23, was comforted by his mother Luciana as he burst into tears over his father’s health | Celebrity News Showbiz & TV

Sir Mick Jagger (78) has left his second youngest son Lucas (23) devastated by the announcement that he has succumbed to the virus and will be forced to cancel planned appearances with the Rolling Stones. “Dad!” exclaimed an upset Lucas on Instagram, adding weeping emoticons to show his grief.

The Rolling Stones were to perform that evening as part of their Sixty tour, which would feature 14 times in ten different countries in Europe.

An official statement from the band apologized, explaining that “they were forced to stop tonight’s concert in Amsterdam at the Johan Cruijff Arena, after Mick Jagger was positive”.

The Septogeneric has shown incredible endurance despite growing age, which has led many younger people to want to have ‘Moves Like Jagger’.

However, the atmosphere among the star’s family members became darker when they heard the news.

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Lucas ’mother, Brazilian model and TV presenter Luciana Gimenez, visited the comments section on the same Instagram post to reassure him.

“He will be fine, my dear. We are here for him,” she insisted.

“The Rolling Stones are deeply sorry for tonight’s delay, but the safety of the audience, fellow musicians and the team on tour must come first,” the band said.

They added that the play will be moved to a later date, and that existing tickets will be appreciated when it takes place.

Before he contracted Covid, Mick looked in great health and mood.

The tour started at the beginning of the month in Spain, and he took the opportunity to enjoy a night out in the city.

“Enjoy the many things Madrid has to offer, from fallen angels to flamenco!” Mick posted on his Instagram account.

His 2.5 million followers were then honored with a series of footage from the city, including a video of a local dance.

Mick posed next to the bar, the statue, and even next to the classic Picasso painting Guernica.

Showing that his sense of humor has not dulled over the years, he also audaciously posed next to a model wearing a wedding dress.

The rockers then gathered to celebrate the 75th birthday of colleague Ronnie Wood, which also coincided with the 47th anniversary of the rockers joining the group.

Among the enjoyers were Mick’s girlfriend Melanie (35) and their young son Devereux (5), who joined them on every tour date.

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