Megan McKenna is almost unrecognizable after dissolving the filler and dramatically transforming her hair

MEGAN McKenna looked like a new woman with no lip filler as she flaunted her stuff in Los Angeles.

The former TOWIE star29, she looked glamorous posing in a gorgeous jumpsuit and without the inflated bloat that used to be her trademark.

Megan McKenna looks unrecognizable without a lip filler


Megan McKenna looks unrecognizable without a lip fillerCredit: Instagram

Wearing her new platinum blue hairstyle, Megan smoldered in a disco ball inspired number.

The singer promoted the upcoming release of her album Baby Talk on Friday and without her she looked unrecognizable. lips with signature.

“I’m designing my life and writing my own story … you should try to do that. Girls are competing … empowering women. BABY TALK is coming out on Friday,” Megan wrote on Instagram.

More than two years after removing the lip fillerMegan looked sexy in LA and her fans loved it.

“That’s how FIT I can’t handle it,” one fan commented.

Another added, “You look unreal.”

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I'm glad I didn't fix my tits ... I love them now, says Megan McKenna

And the third wrote: “Unbelievable.”

It has been recently too she painted her brunettes platinum blue and through laughter he said, “Well done, blondes have more fun. It’s a completely different picture than the one I had.

“I loved young Megan, I loved the way I looked.

“But I’m just happy, I feel like I’m a completely different person. I grew up. ”

Megan, who was auditioning Britain’s Got Talent i X Factor before he gained fame six years ago Former on the beachBig brother of celebrities and Towieshe opened her decision not to leave under the knife.

“At the time, I was definitely thinking of getting my tits done,” she said Sun on Sunday.

“Maybe the audience and the TV shows I was on made me feel like I needed it.

“But I’m so happy I didn’t do it, because I love my tits now.”

Megan says that people often assume that she still had cosmetic surgery – because of her curved lower part.

She said: “I get a lot of compliments about my ass. They say it’s really plump and big.

‘And they always tell me,’ Did you do that? ‘ And I’m like, ‘How dare you? No! ‘

“Trends always exist. There are always times when people want this big and so big and they want this to be sucked out and this and that.

“But I feel that as the world goes, people should accept their natural appearance.

“And I get the most compliments because I did 100 percent naturall.

“So I’m so happy to keep my body the way it is. I would never change it.

“And surgery can be addictive. After all, you are what you are. ”

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In recent years, Megan has transformed from a reality star into bona fide country music, at the top of the iTunes country rankings with his debut album He’s talking about me in 2018

In 2019, she sang her way to win at X Factor: Celebrityperforming One More Sleep by Leone Lewis in the show’s finale.

Megan is in LA ahead of the release of her new album


Megan is in LA ahead of the release of her new albumCredit: Instagram
The star dissolved the fillers two years ago


The star dissolved the fillers two years agoCredit: Not known, clean with picture table
The singing sensation is a favorite reality of TV


The singing sensation is a favorite reality of TV

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