Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy’s kids are getting strong! How the couple met – and what their fathers think

The kids of Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy are having fun!  How they met - and what their fathers think.  Jasmine Page Lawrence

The kids of Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy are having fun! How they met – and what their fathers think. Jasmine Page Lawrence

Jasmine Page Lawrence / Instagram Eric Murphy and Jasmin Lawrence

Jasmin Lawrence and Eric Murphy they’re still as strong as Jasmine’s dad, Martin Lawrencerecently confirmed on Friday episode of Jimmy Kimmel live!while making a joke about a happy couple.

With the couple in the spotlight, here’s what we know about Jasmine and Eric’s romance – including that their famous dads aren’t even the ones who met them!

How they met

U January interview with In contact Weekly26-year-old daughter Martin Lawrence confirmed that she and Eric had met through her uncle.

“It wasn’t our dads either, and they made two films together, they’re friends,” Jasmine added of Martin, 57, and Eric’s dad. Eddie Murphy.

She explained that she and Eric (32) “became really good friends because we connected in many things” and that they “understood each other on a certain level” because of their background.

“And over time, you know, it just got bigger.” Relatively familiar: ranch rules said the star through laughter, adding that their families “absolutely” support their relationship.

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Going out in public with their love

Eric revealed his connection with Jasmine in June 2021. sharing selfies of the two. “In love to the ears with YOU,” he wrote under the post.

Jasmine posted more favorite photos next month, congratulating her boyfriend on his happy birthday. “Happy birthday, my love! That’s right incredibly blessed to know you, that I love you and have you by my side, “she wrote.” Long live many more blessings, laughter and fond memories! I love you so much !! “

‘Super Baby Comedy’

Martin recently joked that his daughter could conceive a “super-baby in comedy” with Eddie’s son in Friday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel live!noting that he and Eddie, 61, “didn’t talk about” their children’s relationship and “somehow just shunned their job and let them do their own thing, and respect their own.”

He also admitted that he is ready to put aside the tradition of having a groom’s father take care of their potential weddingjokes with the host Jimmy Kimmel“I’ll try to get Eddie to pay for it.”

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Martin and Eddie first appeared together in 1992 Boomerang and back inside Life (1999). Eddie was also present at Martin’s 2010 wedding where he married Shamic Gibbs, whom he later divorced 2012.

The Martin alum was previously married to jasmine’s mother, former miss virginia usa patricia southall, from 1995 to 1997. also shares daughters Iyanna, 21, and Amara, 19, with Gibbs.

Jasmine is also a new actress appearing in Dad’s action sequel 2020. Bad guys for life.

Eric is the oldest Eddie’s 10 childrenincluding Bria32, Christian, 31, Miles, 29, Shayne, 27, Zola, 22, Bella, 20, Angel Iris15, Izzy Oona6 and 3½ years Max Charles. Eric’s mother is Paulette McNeely.

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