‘LPBW’ fans have so many questions for Matt Roloff as Jeremy publishes huge news on IG

In life, it is quite natural for families to drama from time to time. But in case Little people, big world star Matt Roloffhis recent quarrel with his sons Zach i Jeremy he seems to raise a lot of eyebrows.

In a recent video posted on InstagramJeremy’s wife Audrey proudly announced that the couple had just bought their own land not far from where Roloff Farms is located in Oregon. As explained in the post, the estate is of particular importance to Jeremy and Audrey’s path to romance.

“After a two-year search that stretches across the state of Oregon … IT’S TIME. We bought a farm! And look what’s in our backyard. Yes, it’s our cradle,” she wrote. “If you’ve read our book (or even just looked at the cover lol) you know how important this shaft is in our love story and lives. There Jer asked me to be his girlfriend, there he asked me to marry him, that’s the place where we took a photo for the cover of our best-selling book, the New York Times, and it’s within walking distance of my parents’ property. “

While we absolutely love watching parts of Jeremy and Audrey’s lives online, some fans thought the release time seemed only a little suspicious. The news came weeks after Matt announced on Instagram that it would be I am selling a part of Roloff Farmswhich he angered both Zach and Jeremy after he called out the two of them that they had decided to pursue “other interests and investments” instead of “working together on a possible joint sale”.

So what could have caused Jeremiah and Zach not to join his father’s efforts to save part of the farm? Is it because the brothers were really not interested in acquiring part of the family property, or was there something bigger? Well, the family’s followers accepted Reddit to present their thoughts and theories.

“I really feel like Matt didn’t want any of his sons to buy that property. He was negotiating just to show off. I don’t think Karen should have been in a meeting. Also, did they only have one meeting and that’s it?” It took Matt and Amy months to negotiate, “the user Pumpkin-Adept commented. “Zach has always been in conflict with Matt over how to run a farm, and I think Matt would sell him, Matt would just keep mixing, which would infuriate Zach. Too many wires,” the user said. Your-yoga-mermaid he replied.

Despite not knowing what is really going on with the Roloff family as a whole (other than what we see on the TLC show), we wish Jeremy and Audrey well on the last step in their lives.

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