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Meghan Markle has to ‘show remorse,’ says Calvin Robinson

Meghan, 40, and Prince Harry, 37, returned to the UK to celebrate the jubilee last week, but only showed up for a few royal engagements over the weekend. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were spotted Thursday watching the Trooping the Color parade from the Major General’s office at the Horse Guard Parade with a collection of senior members of the royal family, but were not on the balcony.

The Queen, 96, was joined by Prince Charles, Duchess of Cornwall, Cambridge and Wessex at the spring of the RAF, which closed the official monarch’s birthday celebration.

It was announced before the start of the platinum jubilee celebration that only employed members of the royal family would go out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to take photos.

The queen made the decision “after careful consideration”, the palace announced.

Keeping it largely out of sight, avoiding accusations of overshadowing the monarch’s historic milestone, will be considered a deliberate move by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the royal branding expert told Express.co.uk.

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Meghan (40) and Prince Harry (37) returned to the UK to celebrate last week’s jubilee (Image: Getty)


Sussex climbed the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral in central London for Thanksgiving (Image: Getty)

Professor Pauline MacLaran of Royal Holloway, University of London, explained that Meghan and Harry’s careful navigation at their jubilee performances is likely to be considered “careful” behavior by audiences.

She argued that Sussex’s non-appearance on the balcony was “well justified in advance” and that the reasoning for the decision was based on logic.

The couple was filmed playfully whispering to young members of the royal family during the parade, but they were otherwise aware of the cameras aimed at them.

However, “Kate’s position on the balcony next to the queen shows how much she is appreciated and seen as a key part of the family that is going into the future,” said Professor MacLaran.

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Professor Maclaran: ‘Kate’s position on the balcony next to the queen shows how much she is appreciated.’ (Image: Getty)

On Friday, the Sussexes climbed the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral in central London to the National Thanksgiving Service, which the Queen withdrew with “great reluctance”.

Professor MacLaran described their appearance in St. Paul as “very good”, with “some cheering for them” as they entered the Cathedral.

She added: “They seemed to be hiding (and since they arrived) and that will be considered careful and not trying to look for lights in the spotlight.”

She claimed that the selected performances will affect how they are perceived in relation to the royal family from which they distanced themselves.

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The Duchess was the first and central at the jubilee celebration (Image: Getty)

Professor MacLaran said that the appearance of St. Paul would “strengthen their royal associations and give a certain impetus to their brand”.

While the appearance of the Trooping the Color balcony was more selective in its participation, she added, “St. Paul’s service was more about the extended royal family, so it will always be a part of it, even if it is not seen as the main working members.”

It has been announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not attend the platinum jubilee party at the Palace on Saturday night as they spent the day in private ownership.

The concert, which featured some of the biggest names in the music industry, attracted 22,000 people to The Mall.

But Saturday’s events were missed by the duke and duchess, whose daughter Lilibet celebrated her first birthday that day.

Reports also say that the queen met her younger namesake for the first time over the weekend, although this has not been officially confirmed from the Palace.

A Sussexes family biographer, Omid Scobie, told the BBC on Friday: “I think people are expecting some kind of big birthday extravagant event from which we will look at photos.

“As far as I was told, nothing should be expected.

“Those moments with Lilibet are very private between them and the Queen and of course we know how much she was looking forward to it.”

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