Love Island causes new ‘racing quarrel’ while Amber and Ikenna are REJECTED just days after Remi

The island of love is embroiled in another ‘racing conflict’ after Amber and Ikenna were kicked out of the villa tonight.

In dramatic scenes after six couples were left in danger while hanging on a cliff, the couple was given a boot after the public voted them ‘least popular’ – just days after Draw lost space.

Ikenna was thrown out of the villa


Ikenna was thrown out of the villaCredit: Eroteme
Amber is packed by the public


Amber is packed by the publicCredit: Eroteme

The news did not go well among viewers who noticed with disappointment that so far only black Islanders have been salted.

On Twitter to express shock, one angry viewer wrote: “Of course the British public would get rid of blacks 🙄 #loveisland.”

Another added: “This vote looks very anti-black #loveisland.”

While the third one remarked: “No, some racist s ** t is happening on the Island of Love with the voices of #LoveIsland.”

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“Doesn’t anyone wonder why the white man hasn’t left yet? Everyone really sees black people as undesirable, and that shows absolutely disgusting #LoveIsland,” said the fourth.

This is the second time that this series of public votes has provoked a debate about the race.

Just a few hours after the show started a a reaction erupted on social media as four black contestants India Polack22 i Ikenna Ekwonna23, are composed of doc Amber Beckford24 i Dami Hope26, were also paired with a public vote.

This comes after viewers complained that many of the black and mixed race men who went to the show were more inclined to white women instead of black or mixed race men.

This often led to a disproportionate number of non-whites being left out of the couples, which led to them having to leave the villa.

Meanwhile, by chance, last night’s throw means Ikenna and Amber’s current partners, Quantity and India, have the freedom to clash with each other.

Ikenna seemed to have a particularly problematic period on Monday night, as earlier in the episode his partner, hotel waitress Indiyah, called that she had broken off the relationship due to a lack of a “romantic relationship”.

She added: “I don’t think it’s anything against you. I just think sometimes people just don’t like to click that way.”

Shortly afterwards, microbiologist Dami came in and discovered Indiyah that he would like to meet her on a more romantic level, despite being currently paired with Amber.

The lady clearly expressed her feelings, saying Indiyah: “Somehow I want you in my bed.”

The girls were waiting to find out their fate


The girls were waiting to find out their fateCredit: Eroteme
Indiyah had just thrown Ikenna before the main delay


Indiyah had just thrown Ikenna before the main delayCredit: Eroteme
Tasha was devastated by that decision


Tasha was devastated by that decision

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