“Loser” Gerard Pique in a picture with a mysterious woman in a revenge video taken by an angry mother

Gerard Pique and wife Shakira announced their divorce earlier this month, and the Barcelona defender was recently spotted in a Swedish restaurant with a mysterious blonde

Gerard Pique and Shakira have announced their separation
Gerard Pique and Shakira have announced their separation

Gerard Pique he was spotted in a Swedish restaurant with a mysterious blonde … just days after he broke up Shakira is confirmed.

Ex Spain revealed the international, 35-year-old his 11-year relationship with the award-winning Colombian singer, 45, ended earlier this month and since then the former couple has undergone intense scrutiny in the press and on social media.

The picture of Pique and the blonde was posted on social media by Katrin Zytomierska, the owner of the restaurant, after Pique allegedly refused to greet her son who loves football. She claimed that the fame went to the football player’s head and marked him as a “loser”.

In the photo, Pique is wearing a hood and his companion is wearing a white hat. Katrin is a well-known blogger and TV presenter in Sweden – she brags more than 169,000 followers on it now privately Instagram account – and did not refrain from criticizing Pique.

“Listen to me, your loser Gerard Pique,” Katrin wrote. Probably most of the girls at this party want to fuck you. I see you and immediately think of my son. I was clear with you. I asked you to say hello to my son. You said ‘no’. Because you’re a guy who knows dribble the ball?

“It doesn’t impress me much. What saddens me is that fame has entered your head and that’s pathetic. You’re not all that, you’re just a guy with a ball. I have it myself, a guy with balls. But you know what is karma ab **** and it will bite you in your ******* a ***. “

Gerard Pique was recently spotted with a mysterious blonde

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Katrin privatized her Instagram account amid rage sparked by the announcement. She further told Catalan journalists Lorena Vasquez and Laura Fa: “I asked if he could say ‘hello’ to my son, and he said ‘no’.

A little surprised, I asked him again and his answer was the same. He wasn’t rude, but he was a little arrogant. I guess it’s because he’s such a famous footballer … but I hadn’t met him until then. took a photo to post on his Instagram. “

Journalists in Spain tried to identify the mysterious blonde in the photo, but they were unlucky. Pique is one of the most distinguished Spanish footballers of all time – he won eight La Liga titles, premier league title, four Champions Leagues and other club accolades.

Internationally, Pique won the 2010 World Cup and the Euro two years later. He won 102 games for Spain before retiring in 2018, scoring five goals. The central defender has recorded more than 650 club appearances, including 40 for Barcelona last season.

Shakria, meanwhile, is one of the best-selling musicians of all time and has recorded 11 studio albums. The Grammy winner has two No. 1 singles in the UK – “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Beautiful Liar”.

Pique and Shakira announced their divorce in early June. “We are sorry to confirm that we are parting ways,” the statement said. “For the benefit of our children, who are our highest priority, please respect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding.”

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