Loewe’s Surreal Fall 2022 Collection featured car dresses, balloon shoes – WWD

About 99 red balloons passed – some trapped on sandals with straps, some crammed into bulging heels, some stiff as little bras, and others hung in a jersey and drapery on dresses.

There were many other wackadoodle sightings at Loewe’s fall fashion show, including satin mini-dresses with tight car-shaped edges, tube dresses with a pair of women’s pumps trapped under a layer of mesh, and stirrup pants with funnel-shaped devices around the knees – perhaps handy for catching dropped house keys or headphones.

Jonathan Anderson is pushing full throttle into a more artistic, experimental and playful chapter in the Spanish house, highlighted by an unusual chocolate brown box set punctuated by award-winning pumpkins the size of a nearly 500 Fiat. made by the leather of a Spanish house of leather goods.

Although this show did not have the charm and optimism of Anderson’s first such outing – remember the red rose heels and cracked eggs for spring 2022 and those dresses with fun mirrors? – it was still fascinating to watch; sometimes silly, often thought-provoking, and sometimes quite chic.

“I wanted something original,” Anderson said at a scrum after the show, mentioning the industrial revolution, which could explain car clothes and unusual materials that included latex, felt and resin.

The designer opened his shop window with a series of cute mini dresses made of solid leather shaped as if rippled by the wind. There were unusual shear pants with a belt that opened like another left; skirts of cave women combined with latex shirts and knitted dresses with foam tubes that curl under the chin like a rainbow from a cartoon.

Anderson said that he likes the idea of ​​”pushing the silhouette towards something that can be meaningless, things that can be irrational”.

He did not hesitate when the journalist dropped the term surreal, comparing his collection to “Breakfast in Fur”, a 1936 sculpture of a fur-covered cup, plate and spoon by artist Meret Oppenheim.

“I feel like it’s about ignorance,” he said.

Not very reassuring words for a luxury retailer or store manager Loewe, although the brand will surely make gangbusters with denim sneakers, mules with airplane belt buckles, leather bubble jacket jackets and maybe even those balloon heel pumps – “just to prove that the world was here, ”says Nena’s song.

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