Lisa Curry reveals her daughter Jaimi’s death wish in an emotional interview

Lisa Curry revealed the death wish of her daughter Jaimi in an emotional interview.

The Australian swimming champion opened Jaimi’s fight against anorexia and alcohol addiction, in an article in Australian Women’s Weekly.

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Curry, 60, said her daughter wanted to write a book to help others struggling with the same problems – but she never had a chance.

Jaimi Kenny died in September 2020, at the age of 33, after 18 years of struggling with addiction and eating disorders.

“Jaimi wanted to write a book to help others, but it was too late. We left too late, “said her mother.

Lisa Curry and Jaimi Curry Kenny. credit: Instagram

“But I hope that, to be honest and knowing that Jaimi wants to help others, we will help in some way, in some small way.”

Curry is still struggling to come to terms with the unbearable loss of his daughter.

But she says she has a lot more to live for, with two more children – daughter Morgan (31) and son Jett (28) – ex-husband Grant Kenny.

She also adores her three grandchildren – Morgan’s sons Flynn, Taj and boy Kit.

Lisa Curry married Grant Kenny in 1984, and they divorced in 2009.

She has been married to Elvis impersonator Marco Tabone since 2018.

“We don’t know how strong we are, while strong isn’t all we have,” Curry said of nearly two years since Jaimi’s death.

“In my bad days, I have Mark. And I get very anxious when he’s gone.

“I have to rely on Mark.”

Curry recently published a memoir, Lisa: 60 years of life, love and loss.

In it, she recounts the ups and downs of her successful swimming career, but also faces Jaimi’s illness and death.

“People need to understand that if they have an eating disorder or some kind of addiction, it doesn’t kill you right away,” she told Women’s Weekly.

“It simply came to our notice then. They’re killing you slowly.

Lisa Curry shared a shocking new photo with her daughter Jaimi. credit: LisaCurry / Instagram

“And it might surprise you when you finally get to the end.

“But if you keep doing it to yourself, there’s only one inevitable end.”

Curry is now trying to find joy in the little things.

“For me, I want to try to arrange my life so that my grandchildren like to go to my grandmother’s, because it’s a fun place to go,” she said.

“Having children and grandchildren around me is always my dream.

“To sit in a rocking chair when I’m 90 and tell my kids all the stories.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder or body image problem, contact The Butterfly Foundation.

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