LeToya Luckett sat down with former Slim Thug for an honest conversation and put us all in our feelings

LeToya Luckett has launched her new YouTube series, Leave it to LeToywith a bang, Vibe reports.

First in the series episodetitled “Talk to My Ex,” the singer and actress sat down with her ex Slim Thug for an honest talk about their relationship.

In the episode, Luckett explains that she and the rapper, whose real name is Stayve Jerome Thomas, met at the club after the rapper expressed interest in the singer, Black Enterprise reports. Luckett lived in Atlanta at the time, but later moved to California. Thomas would visit her on the West Coast, and the two of them had been dating for 10 years.

Although the two of them broke up over the years, Luckett said what else she loves about the rapper.

“I love his self-confidence,” she explained during the series. “He was always confident. He is still very confident. … He is a star. When he enters, I think, first of all, he is 6’6 visok tall. It’s always cute, and then, you know what I’m saying, he’s handsome. “

“It’s light when he enters any room. He is attractive. You can’t miss it. And never. You really shouldn’t miss him, “she added.

Touched by her words, Thomas shared what he still likes most about Luckett.

“Something surprising was her personality,” he said. “She is silly, as if we were having a good time. … Her sense of humor is at a high level and you will really laugh a lot when you are dealing with Toyota. I didn’t know she was so funny. … When I met her more, what I liked about her was the friendship. I felt like we were for real best friends. It wasn’t a relationship I was trying to bend over. We really enjoyed shooting. It is something so rare. I still have trouble finding such friendships. ”

As they discussed their breakup, Thomas took on the greatest burden of guilt, though Luckett attributed it to the fact that they were 20 when they dated. The singer stated that they tried to “have something very serious at a very young age”.

She said that although Thomas’ “heart was probably ready” to calm down, his environment was not “in line” with his wishes.

Luckett also recounted how Thomas enjoyed the attention of other women, which she said was reinforced because they knew about their relationship.

But Luckett does not believe Thomas is fully responsible for their breakup.

“I would be frustrated and leave a lot,” she explained.

In the end, Luckett said, as with any breakup, “there was a broken heart, [and] there was disappointment, ”near the end of their relationship

“No matter what happened, it’s still love every time we see each other,” she said, adding that he always “felt at home” whenever they hung out.

Despite the breakup, both Luckett and Thomas said they were not opposed to a common future.

Thomas said that although they were “so different” at this point in their lives, they would have to “see where they are now in each other’s lives”.

“The foundation is there,” Luckett said, adding that she must make sure that whoever enters her life is ready to accept and love her two children, whom she shares with her ex-husband Tomicus Walker.

Fans in the comments called for reconciliation, noting the chemistry between the former couple.

“For 18 minutes and 54 seconds, I looked like a ‘joker’ with a constant smile on my face. Lol Please make it official again. You two are PERFECT for each other. Wow, great video, “wrote one viewer.

“The chemistry between you is undeniable and beautiful. I feel like you should all try again. This was beautiful to watch and I love seeing authentic connections. Black love for victory “, added another.

One spectator wished all the best to Luckett and Thomas.

“Letoya: ‘I feel at home.’ We can feel it even through the screen. Here I want them to reunite, but only if it is so healthy. Whatever comes, I wish you both all the best – they wrote.

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