Learn more about Amal Maher being kidnapped and physically assaulted

An announcement about the abduction and detention of the Egyptian singer after she was raped spread on social networks in the past hours, and the audience expected that Amal Maher was the author of this publication.

And Marwa Nasr posted a picture of Amal Maher, via her personal Facebook account, and commented: “Amal Maher, thank God, is like alfalfa, in the middle of his family, and he is fine.

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It is reported that “Amal Maher” announced her withdrawal from singing on June 2 last year by posting on her personal account on the social network “Facebook”, writing: “My dear audience, which has supported me for years and has been my constant companion , due to circumstances that are special to me and outside of me. ” With my will … I announce my complete departure from the artistic community and artistic activity, wishing all my fans all the best and happiness in this life, and I wish all my colleagues a lot of success.

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