Kubbra Sait says she was sexually abused as a teenager by a family friend and no one knew

kubbra knows she revealed in her new book Open Book: Not exactly a memoir that she was sexually abused as a teenager. The actor spoke about the abuse she suffered in her youth to save her family from ‘destruction’. In the book, she wrote that many years later she told her mother how she had been abused in her home, ‘under her nose’. Kubbra also said her mother recently apologized, decades after the abuse. The abuse lasted for two and a half years by a family friend, whom she calls ‘X’ in her book. Read more: Kubbra Sait reveals why she publicly apologized to Makaranda Deshpande in a bar full of people

Sharing her traumatic experiences in the book, Kubbra wrote, she was only 17 when she was involved in the ‘greatest tragedy’ she knew. She mentioned that she regularly visits a restaurant in Bangalore with her family, when the owner became close to both her and her brother, a Dane. The actor said that he even helped their mother in her ‘financial troubles’. Kubbra said the man began sexually abusing her shortly after his ‘help’. He also insisted that she not call him uncle.

“When my mother sighed at the delay he gave the money, I sighed too. Just then, a hand slid into the back seat of the car where I was sitting and picked up my dress. X, who was no longer my uncle, smiled as he rubbed my thigh. At that moment I was numb … He started visiting our house and mom would laugh and cook for him. In front of her he would kiss me on the cheek and say, ‘O my Kubrati, you are my favorite little one’. Although I was uncomfortable, I kept quiet, “said an excerpt from the Open Book: Not exactly the memoirs of the Kubbra Saita, shared by the Times of India.

Explaining further how she was sexually abused for the first time, Kubbra said, X took her to a hotel, where he stroked her face before kissing her lips. She said that she was “shocked and confused”, but that she could not say a word. “This was not supposed to happen, but it happened. I should have screamed, but I couldn’t. I should have run for help, but I was shocked. The kiss grew. He assured me that this was what I wanted, that I would feel better that way. He repeated this until I turned a deaf ear, and then he unbuttoned his pants. I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on, but I remember thinking, I’m losing my virginity. It was a great thing, but it was also my shameful secret, “Kubbra wrote.

Since the incident, she wrote that X, who was married and had a child – in the years he sexually abused Kubbra, then became the father of another child – ‘grew up like a virus’ in their home. If Kubbra resisted him, he would stop accepting calls from her mother, she wrote. Her mother, Kubbra said, was unaware of everything that was going on between X and her daughter, and would resent the actor for allegedly arguing with X when he refused to help the family. Kubbra further wrote that she was sexually abused, and that no one in her immediate perimeter “could say that either.”

Kubbra, who also wrote in her book, ‘life is not a fairy tale’, further shared that X threatened her family saying she would destroy us if she ever told her family about her sexual abuse. The actress said that she believed in his every word and probably would not have done anything differently if she had been dealt the same cards today. She said that at that moment her mind and soul ‘felt dead’.

Kubbra became famous as Kuku in Netflix’s hit series Sacred Games. She also ssta

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