Kim Kardashian celebrated her ex-husband Kanye West on Father’s Day

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may be have had ups and downs in recent months, but the reality star still appreciates the role her ex-husband plays in her life as the father of her four children. She paid tribute to the rapper in the Instagram story on Father’s Day, revealing her good wishes to the public. “Thank you for being the best dad to our babies and for loving them the way you love them!” She wrote. “Happy Father’s Day.”

The story features a photo of West squatting to help keep his youngest, Psalm, now 3, smiling and lovingly smiling at him. They are joined by three other children of the former couple, North, Saint and Chicago, who are now 9, 6 and 4 years old, respectively. Kardashian then also shared another photo in another story, which shows West with arms (and shoulders) full of children.

While Kardashians the star’s feelings are sweet, it’s unclear if West will ever see her Father’s Day stories. Looks like you’re not following her right now (he stopped following her and her family 2021), and his Instagram has been much quieter since then he deleted all his posts in early February. A few days before that, his activity on social media had made it clear that there was tension between them as he wrote about his objections that North was on TikTok.

West spoke loudly about wanting to reconcile with the Kardashians in the past, but his tone changed her public relationship with Pete Davidson heated up. In a story on Instagram on February 4, she criticized his “constant attacks on me in interviews and on social media” and expressed a desire to “privately solve all things related to our children”. Recently, West talked about the challenges of shared parenting together after their breakup on the track “True Love,” in which the late XXXTentacion appears, and the verses may have hinted that their tense relationship was improving. Although he raps about the feeling that children are “borrowed”, he also raps: “Wait, no anger, but these feelings are hard.”

Wherever Kardashian and West stand now, he is one of the three best dads she celebrated on Father’s Day this year. She also shared three stories featuring her late father, Robert Kardashian Sr., along with an emotional message calling him “the best dad ever” and saying her kids have “sweetest suggestions” so she can celebrate with him while he’s “ all the way to heaven. ” Stepfather Caitlyn Jenner received another shout, in which Kardashian thanked her for “raising us and being the best stepfather”.

West also made a cut for the Kardashian family photo collage of Chris Jenner for Father’s Day 2022. “Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers in our lives !!!” she wrote, in part, in her caption on Instagram. “Thank you for loving our little ones the way you love. They are so happy to have you as a dad. ”

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