Kim Kardashian accused of being filtered in “The Tonight Show”

There seemed to be aesthetic inconsistencies on Kim’s face during her stay on the show.

Over the years, the KarJenners have certainly not been strangers to the occasional misses of Photoshop or filters in their posts on social media.

Every member of the family became a victim at one time or another, even Khloé Kardashian issuing announcements when an unprocessed bikini photo went viral on the internet.

It was an unauthorized photo randomly divided by an assistant in April 2021, and Khloé threatened to sue in an attempt to delete the image from the Internet.

Sources said Khloé was “embarrassed” and “scared” by the leak at the time, and later admitted she liked “good filter, good lighting and editing here and there” as she turned to a photo on Instagram.

In fact, the star admitted that she digitally changed her photos to “the same one I put on, put on my nails or wear heels to present myself to the world the way I want to be seen, and that’s exactly what I will continue to do without apology.” and her famous sisters are known to do the same.

Kylie Jenner before deleted the photo posing in a bikini after fans noticed a distorted edge of the pool that suggested Photoshop, and Kendall Jenner was accused of editing photos she shared from her Skims shoot last year.

Kourtney Kardashian was 2019 caught in photoshop a picture of her lying naked in a bubble bath after companions noticed that her thigh had apparently disappeared, and Kim Kardashian was also at the center of several conspiracy theories.

Earlier this year, fans noticed Kim’s cell phone was distorted on a selfie in the mirror she shared, a sign that the image had been manipulated.

Her changes don’t seem to be limited to photos, and the star has also been found guilty of using a filter that makes “her face thinner”In last year’s video on Instagram.

The post was supposed to promote her makeup range, and followers quickly noticed that the walls behind her were concave and that the door had changed shape due to digital editing.

However, people did not expect the sisters to use filters to extend beyond their social media pages or family reality shows. Kardashianso they were a little surprised after NBC seemingly manipulated Kim’s face during her recent appearance on Tonight’s show.

Nbc / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Instagram account @problematicfame was founded to spread “awareness of how Instagram can affect beauty standards,” and is known for highlighting failures in Photoshop and celebrity editing for its 239,000 followers.

On Wednesday, they drew attention to an alleged “malfunction” in a video he shared Tonight’s showasking his companions, “Has anyone here caught the filter error?”

In a subsequent post, they added, “So, in my opinion, all of Kim’s shots are blurred to some extent, BUT the first shot is much less filtered than the others.”

In addition to Tuesday’s interview, Kim recorded another introductory video with Jimmy Fallon called “Kim and Jim Sign Up Before the Show Starts,” in which Kim and the host communicated fully in rhymes ahead of the show.

@problematicfame shared a selection of comparative screenshots taken by Kim throughout the episode, drawing attention to the aesthetic inconsistencies on her face.

Nbc / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In the first catch she has natural wrinkles around Kima’s eyes and blemishes on her skin, but in the second her skin looks completely flawless and incredibly smooth.

The blur filter is even more noticeable in the user’s second post, with Kim’s face softened and a little out of focus.

The photos were discussed at a Reddit a forum where users shared their disappointment that Kim’s real look is hiding from fans – especially since she already looked sensational in more natural catches.

Nbc / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“I don’t understand because she looks so beautiful even when you see her bulge. I would never edit if I had that face, “one person wrote. Another added: “Her body dysmorphia is crazy. Sister, stop filtering and plastic surgery and go to therapy. ”

A third person asked, “Do you think we, as media consumers, ever see her ‘real’ face or is it always filtered one way or another?”

And another pointed out that Kim is promoting her new skincare line on the show, which is why she may have wanted her skin to look perfect. “She probably wanted people to believe she had literally flawless skin as she promoted her skin care line,” they wrote.

Another person said about the accusations: “They should not be allowed to edit all their pictures and videos and TV appearances! Their brand is their look and that is a complete lie! ”

This is the second time Kim has been named promoting unrealistic standards of beauty this week, and the star was also criticized for “bragging” about losing an extreme amount of pounds in a short period of time.

People said she was a “terrible role model” and pushed a “dangerous” message to young girls after discovering that she had lost even more weight than her controversial Met Gala diet, which caused a backlash last month.

Cindy Ord / Getty Images for The Met Museum / Vogue

“This family needs to stop,” one person commented on Wednesday. “They set a lean standard that many people also can’t meet; yes, they may be exercising, but they also have a bunch of money to help them lose weight. Personal trainers, healthy, cooked meals and more gym equipment than gyms, and lipo doctors. ”

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for The Met Museum / Vogue

Neither Kim nor Tonight’s show dealt with the latest allegations, and BuzzFeed News contacted NBC for comment. Meanwhile, Kim’s interview caused a stir on the Internet after she paused the live show ugly her two children who sat in the audience.

Kim explained to Jimmy that this was her first time taking her sons, six-year-old Saint and three-year-old Psalm, with her to work and shared the shame of being played.

She remained cold as she told the children, “Guys, this is your first time working with me. Don’t mess this up. Come on. ”

Shortly afterwards, Kim was distracted again and the Psalm was taken backstage.

In addition to the two boys, Kim shares 9-year-old North and 4-year-old Chicago with her ex-husband Kanye West.

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