Khloé Kardashian may be dating a normal man and please let this be the end of Root Rat Tristan

A story on the street (that the street was People Magazine) Is that Khloé Kardashian she tossed her hat into the meeting ring. And the best part? Her new group does not play in the National Basketball League! Videos for Koko.

A source said recently People that Khloé “felt very well with her new mysterious man,” who is said to be a private investor.

How did they meet, you ask? The the alleged bandit dress kim kardashian He is thought to have played the matchmaker, representing a dynamic duo at a dinner a few weeks ago.

However, like the nature of the glorious beast, PeopleThis announcement contradicts rumors of Khloé’s entertainment circulating on the Internet.

On Sunday, @kardashiansocial – Kardashian flat account – posted a screenshot on Instagram with @two – Gossip Stan account – which shows an exchange of text about Khloé allegedly “seeing another NBA player”.

However, it is convenient that the person who spilled the tea said that his boss could not remember the name of the said NBA player. As Donald Trump so eloquently said on many occasions: “SAD!”

But Khlo-Money commented on the announcement, saying the rumor was just big nonsense.

“It is definitely NOT true !!! I love you! ”She said.

“Thank you for your kind wishes, but I don’t see a single soul. I am happy to focus on my daughter and myself for a while. ”

Live your best life “eat, pray, love”, queen.

The jury does not know if Khloé is hiding his new beauty and does not want to speak publicly about him in comments on Instagram, or is a source who spoke to People is simply a curious parker.

But if he’s having fun with this corporate king, we can’t help but hope this succeeds Khlou. The poor girl went through the mf dating ringer thanks to a constant filander Tristan Thompson.

From recognition to cheating on Khloé while having fun, gave birth to a child with side noise Maralee Nichols and then emphasizing KoKo TF came out when the confusion about paternity came to court, the man isn’t really ashamed.

And these are just the last acts of sliminess he committed! Who could forget when he was prostitute in hookah salon 2017, petted and drove two women while Khloé was in her third month of pregnancy? Or Jordyn Woods scandal from 2019?

Tristan’s infidelity is so fruitful that we once made an encyclopedia about him because there was too much to follow. You can experience the chaos of cheating again in all its glory here but in the meantime, please pray to the gods for fun that Khloe’s new man is, indeed, normal.

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