Katie Price has been postponed from bankruptcy for the third time because ‘the case has been moved to 2023.’

Katie Price he reportedly escaped bankruptcy proceedings for the third time, as her case was apparently adjourned until February 2023.

The former glamor model was supposed to face a judge because of her Bankruptcy of 3.2 million pounds debts at London’s Royal Court of Justice on June 7, but it has now been withdrawn the following year. The mother of five was expected to have a difficult period court after it was claimed that the liquidators taking care of the creditors said that she was not “fully involved” in the process, writes the Mirror.

The sun He claimed that Katie’s hearing was rescheduled for February 9, 2023. The source told the publication: “The postponement will give the courts a chance to see how fully she is now working with people to whom she owes money and to provide a clearer picture of where she stands in repay your debts. ”

Animal rights group PETA also believes Katie should be banned from owning further pets
Animal rights group PETA also believes Katie should be banned from owning further pets

Katie agreed on a repayment plan with creditors in February, as well as paying off part of the money owed to lenders for the mortgages she provided for her home in Sussex, called the Mucky Mansion. This hearing was originally postponed from November 2021.

Details of payments received for TV work, which included a documentary on Channel 4 that followed her attempts to renovate the £ 2million villa. Lawyers also want to check what attempts have been made to pay off the debts owed to Kate by the now defunct cosmetics company Jordan Trading Ltd.

Katie was declared bankrupt in 2019 after accumulating a fortune of 45 million pounds. She has agreed to pay £ 12,000 a month to her creditors through an individual voluntary arrangement, but it is alleged that Katie has not complied with the agreement.

A property restitution order was issued last year at her Mucky Mansion, after she allegedly failed to pay a £ 500,000 debt, which could cause her to lose the property. A mother of five is researching ways to earn a living after the collapse of her business.

Katie launched the OnlyFans account with the goal of earning £ 1 million in her first year on the online adult platform, but had to cut her monthly subscription several times in hopes of attracting enough users to her site.

The model also used the Depop sales site where she tried to move old clothes from her wardrobe.

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