Johnny Depp Once Revealed What ‘Kind of Drunk’ He Really Is

Amber Heard’s legal team alleged that Johnny Depp is a “drunk,” which resulted in his nasty behavior. The actor previously admitted that he occasionally enjoys a drink, but he never denied turning violent. Depp once explained in an interview exactly what “kind of drunk” he really is when he has a little too much to drink.

Johnny Depp explained why he decided to live in France

Johnny Depp testifying about alleged drunk moment wearing a suit in front of a microphone with his hand up by his ear

Johnny Depp EVELYN HOCKSTEIN / POOL / AFP via Getty Images

Depp and Burton appeared on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross to talk all things about their careers. However, host Jonathan Ross also asked some personal questions. He inquired about why Depp decided to spend so much of his personal life in France, rather than another spot in Europe.

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