Jennifer Lopez opened up about her Oscar

“It’s true that I’m really starting to think I’m going to be nominated.”

Jennifer Lopez she gets really honest about her Oscar pursuit – and she was actually very upset about it.

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After the release of her film Hustlers In 2019, there was a lot of noise for the Oscars around the film – and Jennifer says she was sure she would get a nomination.

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Unfortunately, that nomination never arrived, and the current reactions of the entertainers were recorded by the camera in her new documentary Half time.

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Jennifer explained that, after not sleeping before the nomination was announced, she received a phone call from her sister Linda, who immediately said: “I hate these fucking people” – and she knew that the news was not good.

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And after feeling like she “let everyone down” after losing the Golden Globe, Jennifer says the criticism for the Oscars was particularly heavy.

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“It’s true that I really started thinking I would be nominated,” Jennifer said, adding, “I raised my hopes because so many people told me I would be, and then it didn’t happen.”

Jennifer said that, after taking some time to think about the whole thing, she realized that she had not made a film “for an award” or that she would look like “the best actress in the world”.

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“No, I’m doing this to tell stories and to influence change and to connect with people and make them feel things because I want to feel something,” Jennifer admitted.

She continued, “That’s why I do it, because I want to make the world a better place in my own little way.”

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And instead of being upset about the whole thing, Jennifer pledged to “keep working” and “not be afraid to be loud and use my voice the best I can.”

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Half time is now available to stream on Netflix.

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