Is this the best dressed islander of love ever?

As you age, your tastes become more mature. Or at least, that’s how it should go. Learn to love olives, develop a skin care regimen, become evangelical about the benefits of memory foam mattresses.

With the quiet self-confidence of old age, your stylistic sensibility will probably mature as well. Probably, but not definitely. Not if you’re me.

Here’s what I didn’t expect from 2022: watch The island of love and actually cares about clothes, much less wants to mimic the look of a contestant (a phrase that would be an oxymoron in any other year). I am in my late thirties, called OAP according to The island of love‘s dog years metrics of aging) where my friends think about school areas, and I think here about the appeal of blinded clothing without panties. But that’s another thing you learn over the years – life is full of surprises.

I’ve been working in fashion for 15 years, and this year my summer muse isn’t some withdrawn It-girl, she’s not an esoteric artist, she’s not even French! More precisely, it is The island of love Competitor Tasha Ghouri, a 23-year-old model and dancer from Thirsk who is currently paired with, hmmm, can’t remember. I don’t care, I’m here for the clothes.

Love Island Tasha Ghouri

Because have you seen her this week in her elegant little emerald green mini (micro!) Dress paired with matching platforms and slicked, very neat hair? Did you see her in her psychedelic pure disguise? What about her knee-length ombre boots? And what do you think about that men’s bomber jacket worn oversize, which nonchalantly takes off from the shoulders, with a corset? The latter look inspired the new boyfriend Jacques to declare her the best dressed girl in the villa. It would usually be a modest weightless compliment – but this year has been unusually well-dressed (special praise for Indiyah in Poster Girl), not least because for the first time the brand is advocating already beloved fashion with eBay in partnership.

‘When I met Tasha before the show, I could immediately tell she was open to trying out and testing different trends and accepting pre-loved ones from eBay,’ says show stylist Amy Bannerman, who was at the forefront of this season’s pre-loved revolutions. ‘She discovered that a pair of vintage cowboy boots were her favorite item in her wardrobe, which she wears with absolutely everything – it gave me a good attitude for her style’.

Ghouri’s look is, according to Bannerman, ‘eclectic and modern, she obviously has a really good eye’. That gave Bannerman a solid starting point. ‘Tasha’s great sense of personal style has definitely stood out to me and I think she really shines in the show. She told me she loves leather dresses, so it was wonderful to see her in that lovely Diesel leather dress we bought her. Softly worn in brown leather, it really complemented her complexion and paired it with smoothed hair – she knows what she’s doing! I also like how she wore a men’s vintage red Champion satin jacket, which fits into our blurred lines and dopamine clothing trends for the series. ‘

Dopamine is a word. In a happy (if unexpected) moment of fashion, the The island of love the look exudes a broader stylistic spirit of the time. The mood is currently sexy, glamorous and fun, a natural kickback after two years of lost summers. It is good. In her clothes for good moments – a bit witty naughty, a bit fashionable girl unpredictable – Ghouri sums up the atmosphere of the moment. It remains to be seen whether I will be able to translate this into ‘real’ life or not, but encouraged by the confidence of my third sunbathing spray in the same number of weeks, I am leaving tonight without underwear. I may be old enough to know better, but no one has ever had too much fun in something reasonably chic, right?

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