Inside a ‘modest’ new house in Windsor Cambridges – a scandalous past and a huge change for George

Reports suggest that Prince William and Kate Middleton will move to Adelaide Cottage on Windsor this summer with their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – and the estate has a long history

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The Queen and her family appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge it has long been rumored that they are considering moving to Windsor.

And that was demanded William and Kate have now finally found the perfect house to settle with their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte i Prince Louis – which is said to start a new school in September.

It has been announced that the Cambridges will move away from Kensington Palace and move into a four-bedroom Adelaide Cottage on Queen’s Windsor Estate.

The source said that the family is “very eager for a modest home” and that he believes that the smaller weekend house “fits the bill”.

They said The sun : “They were determined not to want anything too conspicuous or anything that needed to be renovated or additionally provided so that it would not be at the expense of taxpayers.

Prince William and Kate Middleton with their children George, Charlotte and Louis


UK Press via Getty Images)

“Three children will enjoy running and playing in the gardens, which is the way of life they enjoy so much at Anmer Hall.

“They had nothing but a cozy family home near the school and the Queen.”

So what does Adelaide Cottage look like from the inside and who has lived there in the past? Let’s take a look …

Where is Adelaide Cottage?

Adelaide Cottage on Windsor Estate


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Adelaide Cottage is located in the heart of the city Queen 655 acres of Windsor estate and is extremely close to Windsor Caste.

This means that Cambridge can come in quite easily to see the monarch.

The cottage was built in 1831 as a refuge for his wife William IV, Queen of Adelaide, after whom the property was named.

It is also known that it was Queen Victoria’s favorite home because she often enjoyed breakfast there.

What does Adelaide Cottage look like from the inside?

William and Kate are said to be thrilled with Adelaide Cottage because it doesn’t require a lot of work


Getty Images)

The Adelaide hut underwent a major renovation in 2015 – and it is said that is why William and Kate are thrilled with the property because it does not require much work.

And despite being seemingly modest by royal standards, it is said that its interior boasts some seriously impressive features, including a Greek-Egyptian marble fireplace.

Meanwhile, the master bedroom is considered a work of art because it has a tiled ceiling with gilded dolphins and special rope decorations made from materials from the Royal George yacht.

Adelaide Cottage is close to the Queen’s home Windsor Castle

However, the cottage has only four bedrooms, one for a married couple and one for their three children.

And The Sun reports that the family will not have housing staff who ask where their nanny Maria Borrallo will live?

Meanwhile, according to MailOnline, the estate is also relatively private thanks to seven entrances and exits to Windsor Castle.

Who used to live there?

Princess Margaret with group captain Peter Townsend, who lived in Adelaide Cottage


Popper photo via Getty Images)

In recent years, the Adelaide Cottage has been used as a home of grace and affection for royal staff and family friends.

But he is also known for making one of the most scandalous royal love stories of all time possible.

One of the most famous former residents was the love interest of Princess Margaret, group captain Peter Townsend.

Townsend was a flying pilot of the RAF, and later an assistant to King George VI, as well as a married father of two children.

His relationship with Margaret raised eyebrows due to the age difference of 16 and the fact that he was divorced.

The news of their closeness came when a journalist noticed that at the Queen’s coronation in 1953, she removed a piece of hair from Townsend’s jacket.

The couple got engaged in April 1953, but their romance was doomed by the Royal Marriage Act of 1772.

This is because at that time no member of the royal family was allowed to marry a divorced person while their ex-spouse was still alive.

What do you think of the family’s plans to move to Windsor? Have your say in the comments section below.

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