Image of Johnny Depp in rehab after winning the Amber Heard trial

He won the trial that conquered the world, but Johnny Depp did not remain unharmed. And now he is struggling to regain his career.

Johnny Depp may have won his lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, but neither side was left unharmed, prompting the Pirates of the Caribbean star to launch an urgent image rehabilitation campaign by joining one of the world’s most vulnerable minorities: orphan badgers.

Not enough work has been done for the parentless badger community. For too long, orphan badgers have been silenced and ignored everywhere. So far.

The spotlight placed on orphan badgers may be the only glimmer of hope a bitter trial between Depp and his ex-wife Heard which contained allegations and counterclaims of domestic abuse and exposed the actor’s dark struggles. Depp eventually received $ 10.35 million in damages, unlike $ 2 million awarded to Heard. And doc the verdict was in Depp’s favorhis reputation is in tatters.

He is now embarking on an image revision. And his first task is to provide support to badgers who need it.

Ahead of this week’s verdict, the actor flew to the UK and surprised concert goers performs on stage with English music icon Jeff Beck in Sheffield. He then made another shocking appearance when he escorted a rock star to an animal rescue shelter in Kent and kept an orphan badger named Freddie.

Was it a calculated photo-operation to clean up his tarnished image? We can’t say for sure. But it seems to be in good time – similar to the scandal-stricken Prince Andrew unable to attend the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations this weekend because he was positive at Covid just before it started.

Folly Wildlife Rescue published a photo of Johnny with Freddie, the orphan badger, and provided more details about the visit, which included a tour of hospital care units and veterinarians.

“As the highlight of the visit, we even allowed him the rare privilege of briefly holding Freddie … one of the many badger orphans we are currently raising by hand – and I think it’s fair to say he was thrilled with the whole experience!”

When it comes to getting back to the top, Johnny is ready to do whatever it takes, damn it – even if it involves rocking orphaned badgers.

But why did he choose orphan badgers as the minority he would fight for? Well, there are a lot of celebrities in Hollywood who have fought conflicts who are trying to improve their image, which means that most of the mainstream social actions and charities are already busy. What’s left? Orphan badgers.

Now he really has to dedicate himself to the goal of orphans. He’s already on tour with Jeff Beck, so of course the next step will be to release a charity single. Then run a website that sells overpriced badger goods to orphans – t-shirts, belly holders, truckers’ hats. Then maybe a fundraising gala.

The thing is, celebrities who are in conflict really have to choose their social reasons wisely because they will stay with them for a very long time. Johnny has something top friends in Hollywood who stood by him during the trial, but his commitment to the orphaned badger community could be too far a bridge.

“Ugh, I can’t believe we had to go to Johnny’s orphan dinner,” Jennifer Aniston might sigh to Courteney Cox over the phone. “I’m so tired of writing checks for these stupid badgers!”

It is the desperate move of a desperate man, who is now facing a tough battle to rebuild his Hollywood career.

“Despite the ardent desires of his hardened fans, Depp’s reputation remains under attack thanks to the self-confessed behavior the actor has shown in relation to Heard,” film critic Wenlei Ma wrote this week.

“Reputable Hollywood studios will be reluctant to work with Depp again despite the verdict in his favor – the risk / reward matrix cannot be measured when there are still legions of moviegoers who will boycott everything he is involved in.”

Johnny needs orphan badgers more than Johnny orphan badgers need Johnny. He uses the orphan badger community for his own personal benefit. It’s repulsive. Using orphan badgers as a supplement? They are not babies!

Did anyone stop asking the orphans badgers if at all to want to be connected to Johnny?

News Corp addressed the orphaned dachshund community, but their spokesman did not comment before it was released.

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