I’m a fashion expert and larger women always make the same mistakes – there are easy ways to look much slimmer

We were all to blame for not dressing in the best way for our body types, and now SuppleChicTV is here to tell us the best ways to really do it.

Regardless of your size or weight, there will always be some styles that suit and flatter your body, while there will be others that can make you look sticky or washed out instead – and it can all depend on your body type.

Fashion expert Chichi shares the biggest fashion mistakes made by plus-size women


Fashion expert Chichi shares the biggest fashion mistakes made by plus-size womenCredit: YouTube

Chichi from SuppleChicTV on Youtube he pointed out the mistakes made by many plus-size women and gave some tips on how to correct these fashion mistakes.

Wearing underwear of the wrong cut or style

The fashion mistake first explained by Chichi is to wear the wrong type or size of underwear for your clothes and / or size.

“I think you could have the sweetest clothes,” says the fashion designer, “you can dress from head to toe, but if you have the wrong underwear, it will ruin everything.”

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While if you’re just coming to the supermarket to spend a day lazy, this isn’t a big deal if you want to look good for an event or make a statement, there are a few things Chichi says you must have:

  • Seamless underwear.
  • Designers, in the right size.
  • The bra you are meant for.

Wear the wrong clothes for your body type

Another mistake is wearing clothes that are not quite suitable for your body type – although Chichi adds that in the end you can wear whatever you want, there is still nothing wrong with wanting to know what will flatter your figure.

“You have to know your body type,” says Chici, “because when you know your body type, you know what clothes can fit and flatter you.”

She adds that knowing her own body type has really helped her when it comes to shopping and deciding what to wear, stating that rectangular clothes usually do not suit her body type and she is more inclined to avoid these items.

Escape from trends

Chichi argues that instead of looking at fashion trends that you like and thinking ‘oh, I don’t think it will suit me well’ you should at least try out the style and see if it suits you.

The worst thing that can happen is that it isn’t, but now at least you know and you can find something else that can.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying a few magazines seasonally, seeing what’s‘ in trend ’and choosing the ones that are closest to your style,” says Chichi.

Wear loose clothing

“We all need to stop wearing loose clothing,” says Chichi, who says that instead of hiding your body and making you look slimmer, this can actually make you look bigger than you are.

Instead, you should wear clothes that emphasize all the things you want to emphasize and cover up things you don’t want to emphasize.

“Now, unless you want to carry a sack bag and have more power,” says the fashion expert, “but if your idea is to hide your body in a baggy outfit, you’re really doing yourself a disservice.”

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Wear too tight clothing

On the other hand, you don’t want to wear clothes that are too tight.

Chichi says everyone needs to better understand something that suits them and something that is difficult.

She adds that as with wearing loose clothing, clothes that are too tight can also make you look bigger.

Wait until you lose weight

Chichi’s final advice is to stop waiting until you lose weight to start wearing the clothes and styles you want to wear.

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She says, “We’re all somewhere as we grew up as if we got this information that when we become * insert the target weight *, we will finally be able to live our lives.

“Okay, that’s a lie, a big lie. Don’t wait until you reach a certain size to wear something you want. Don’t wait to lose weight. ”

Chichi says wearing loose clothing can actually make you look bigger than you are


Chichi says wearing loose clothing can actually make you look bigger than you areCredit: YouTube

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